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Real Estate and Facilities is responsible for design and construction, real estate and space management, plant operations, environmental health and safety, and transportation services for Drexel University's three Philadelphia campuses: University City, Center City and Queen Lane.

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Drexel University offers free shuttle bus service across its three Philadelphia campuses, as well as temporary transportation assistance for students, faculty and professional staff with mobility disabilities. 
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Mon, April 1 6:00 AM
Wed, July 31 2:00 PM
Stratton Hall Switchgear Replacement Location Stratton Hall & Outdoors on the West Side of Building The existing double-ended 13.2 KV switchgear is scheduled to be replaced over the next few months. The switchgear is located on the west side of Stratton’s first floor and supports several buildings: Stratton Hall, Disque Hall, Korman Center, Creese Student Center, MacAlister Hall, Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building, Gerri C. LeBow Hall, and Pearlstein Business Learning Center. There will be temporary switchgear located outdoors on the west side of the building to pickup the electrical load for the section of gear being removed and reinstalled. There will also be undergrounds site work completed on the west side of the building to Chestnut Street. The construction schedule for power shutdowns is currently being reviewed and will be finalized this week. I will send an email to all Deans/SVPs/AVPs and secondary contacts for departments within the above lsited buidlings. YOUR BUILDING WILL ONLY HAVE NO POWER FOR A 6 TO 8 HOUR PERIOD DURING SWITCHOVERS FROM EXISTING TO TEMPORARY AND FROM TEMPROARY TO NEW. If you are in any of the buildings listed above please start reviewing your equipment to determine if additional temporary generators, power, etc. are required. Seperate Scheduled Maintenance notifications will be sent once the schedule is finalized.
Wed, June 19 6:30 AM
Wed, June 19 6:40 AM
Stratton Hall Switchgear Minor Power Outage Location Stratton Hall, Disque Hall, Korman Center, Creese Student Center, MacAlister Hall, Gerri C. LeBow Hall, and Pearlstein Business Learning Center Contractors need to transfer the PECO service over to the PECO line servicing the temporary switchgear outdoors. There will be brief 5 to 10 minute power outage in your building during the transfer of power. Please pass along to your staff.
Tue, June 18 7:00 AM
Fri, June 21 3:00 PM
Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing Location University City Campus Our contracted Fire Alarm Company (BFPE) will be on site from 7am to 3pm on this week to complete annual certification of the fire alarm system in the following buidlings: 31-Millennium Hall (6/18/24) 19- Kelly Hall (6/19/24) 20-Bentley Hall (6/19/24) 17-Van Ren Hall (6/19/24) 22-Towers Hall (6/19/24) 24-North Hall (6/19/24) 29-Race Hall (6/20/24) 13-Nesbitt Hall (6/21/24) 26-Caneris Hall (6/21/24) Access to all areas will be necessary to inspect fire alarm devices throughout the building. The notification/audible system (horns/speakers and strobes) will also need to be activated and tested. Thank you for your cooperation

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Researchers from Drexel University have been tapped to join an Environmental Protection Agency initiative to eliminate greenhouse gas chemicals, called hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), commonly used in refrigerants and insulating foams. As part of a federal initiative to address the potent, climate-damaging gasses, Drexel will receive $3.8 million over five years to develop a plasma arc device that can destroy HFCs.
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