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Computer Engineering Major

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Students graduate from the computer engineering major ready to create solutions in in fields such as technology, renewable energy, robotics, finance, technology, telecommunications and in just about any area and industry. Computer engineers apply both software and hardware expertise to building and designing networks and new technologies that improve how we live and work.

A wide variety of options are available for continuing study or professional practice in the areas of circuits, lasers and photonics, semiconductor devices, computer and communication networks, wireless networks, biomedical engineering, bioinformatics, machine learning, automation and control, and power and energy systems. As a student, you will be offered a balance of technical breadth and depth that has you emerge with the vision to identify a need, perform analysis and build a solution.

Drexel Engineering combines immersive, design-oriented coursework taught by world-recognized faculty experts with co-op, your capstone senior design experience and research opportunities to have you ready to start a career making an immediate impact.

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Many students combine a minor within the College of Engineering. Students can minor in an any area, not just engineering. Popular minors include business, entrepreneurship or computer science.

Major: Computer Engineering<br>
Class Year: 2024

Abhishek Dave

Major: Computer Engineering
Class Year: 2024

Abhishek’s Story

Drexel Engineering Co-Op

Co-op crystalizes understanding of your chosen field. You come away knowing more about your options for a career path, your preferred work environment, and your focus within your chosen discipline. The context you gain provides you with the ability to start your career ready to make a difference.

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Curriculum and Requirements

Electrical engineering students are required to successfully complete 181.5 credits for graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. The required courses are a combination of engineering and elective courses that empower students to pursue their interests in the field.

Visit the Drexel Catalog for more information or learn more about our admissions requirements.

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