Abhishek Dave

Osan presents a poster on civil infrastructure.

Major: Computer Engineering
Class Year: 2024

When or how did you become interested in engineering?

I became interested in engineering during my senior year of high school. We had guest speakers come in and talk about their careers, most of which were in STEM. I was fascinated at the contributions these speakers made to products we use every day, and I knew I wanted to be part of that. I wanted a career that would let me solve complex problems and change the world, so I decided to become an engineer.

When you were looking at colleges, what made Drexel stand out?

Drexel stood out because of its variety of research opportunities and its welcoming atmosphere. I had taken a tour of Drexel with my high school friends and was blown away. The different types of opportunities to conduct research with professors immediately caught my attention. Also, the student diversity mixed with a beautiful campus is what made Drexel stand out among other colleges.

Why did you decide to focus on your major?

I have always had a passion for technology and innovation ever since I was younger. I loved computers and always marveled at the evolution of technology that I have seen throughout my life. Having gone from a bulky, slow computer when I was younger, to now having significantly more computing power in a small phone is what makes me interested in computer engineering. I wanted to part of the evolution of technology, and with computer engineering I can achieve that.

How has the co-op experience influenced you?

One co-op that has benefited me greatly is my current one at Apple Inc. I am a Hardware Validation Automation intern at Apple Inc on their iPhone hardware team. This co-op has given me a perspective into what product engineering is like and what goes into producing a world-wide product. I have also gotten to learn about my interest in hardware automation through this co-op, a specific field which I did not know I would enjoy. The ability to combine my interests in hardware and software have come together during this co-op and I have had hands-on experience with merging them together.

What has been your favorite class so far?

The most interesting class I’ve taken has to be “Computer Organization & Architecture”. In this class, I got to learn about the underlining principles that go into designing microprocessors which include analyzing cost and performance. This class gave me an in-depth understanding of computer performance from a hardware and software perspective, which is exactly what I have always been interested in. The class also gave us hands-on experience with implementing these principles in various projects, which provided a direct correlation between the material we learned and its practicality in the real world.

How have you lived Drexel’s promise of hands-on learning?

Drexel gives a lot of first-hand experience beyond just the co-op opportunities. Throughout my time at Drexel, I have gotten the opportunity to get a variety of hands-on experiences. Most of these came from the labs I had for my engineering courses. In these labs, I got the chance to design hardware and work with tools that are used in the industry. ECE courses, in particular, contain lab sections which give you hands-on experience with things such as circuit design and taking measurements using industry-level tools.

How have you enjoyed living in Philadelphia?

Living and working in Philadelphia has been an incredible experience. The city provides so much diversity and opportunity which you would not get anywhere else. Living in Philadelphia greatly benefits my college experience as you are always able to meet new people and try new things, making every day an adventure.

What is your favorite part about Drexel?

The best part of my Drexel experience so far must be the campus and the campus events. The Drexel campus provides great outdoor spaces for activities, learning centers to focus, and delicious food spots to try with friends! There is always something to do on campus, whether it be playing football with some friends or even studying outdoors in the beautiful yards. Also, Drexel’s campus is a subway stop away from downtown Philadelphia which has a ton of activities to try.