Undeclared Engineering Major

Undeclared Engineering Major

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If you are not sure which engineering major you would like to focus on, the College of Engineering offers you the option to start your college journey undeclared. The first-year curriculum during Fall and Winter terms have a great deal of overlap between all of the majors. This allows you time to investigate and have some exposure to the discipline before making a decision.

As a student, resources and coursework will help you feel comfortable making the selection. University courses that all students take will familiarize you with Drexel, with co-op and encourage civic engagement. Drexel engineering students all take a first-year engineering design course sequence includes options to get familiar with the disciplines, with hands-on projects to understand physics and coding and learn the principles applying engineering design to addresses practical challenges.

Dedicated advisors will help guide you through the process, talking with you about your interests and encouraging you to explore the majors. Those first two-terms allow you time to talk with other students and with the faculty about the field. By Spring term, the coursework starts being more focused and you should have made your selection. No matter which major you select, as a student you are offered a balance of technical breadth and depth that has you emerge with the vision to identify a need, perform analysis and build a solution.

Drexel Engineering combines immersive, design-oriented coursework taught by world recognized faculty experts with co-op, your capstone senior design experience and research opportunities to have you ready to start a career making an immediate impact.

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Drexel Engineering Co-Op

Co-op crystallizes understanding of your chosen field. You come away knowing more about the options for a career path, your preferred work environment, and become more confident about the focus within your chosen discipline. The context you gain provides you with the ability to start your career ready to make a difference.

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