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Engineering Technology Major

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Students graduate from the engineering technology major ready to take on modern engineering challenges in industry and society. Graduates are essential skilled innovators and leaders supporting sustainability, infrastructure and resources that advance progress through the applied practice of engineering. You will find them working in diverse roles in manufacturing, automation, field-service, systems engineering, transportation, peace engineering, technical sales and just about anywhere you find engineers. As experts in bringing designs from theory into reality, these professionals apply cross-disciplinary expertise to real-world problem-solving and implementation.

As a student, you will be immersed in a predominantly lab-based multi-disciplinary curriculum that will have you emerge with the ability to analyze a situation, translate theory into a solution and deliver results using all available industrial and modeling tools. You will incorporate a system design perspective and gain experience with professional equipment such as industrial robots, 3D printing, renewable energy simulators and more.

Drexel Engineering combines immersive coursework that bridges design and technical application taught by faculty with field expertise. You will gain invaluable experiential learning through co-op, a capstone senior design project and opportunities to put your knowledge into practice so that you are ready to start a career making an immediate impact.

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Concentrations in Engineering Technology

Electives allow you to follow your interests by taking three or more classes in a specialization. The concentrations within engineering technology include:

  • Robotics and automation engineering technology: Develop industry relevant skills in robotics, automation, manufacturing, energy production and distribution, and smart buildings for communities and cities. Career paths can range from advanced manufacturing and assembly, medical robotics, construction and infrastructure inspection, bio-robotics, knitted robotics for treatment of medical conditions, and robotics for entertainment.
  • Electrical engineering technology: Prepare to design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment such as communication components, radar, industrial and medical devices, navigational equipment, and computers.
  • Mechanical engineering technology: Develop, test, and manufacture industrial machinery, consumer products and other equipment. Jobs typically include setting instrumentation,  recording data and estimating labor costs and equipment life.
  • Industrial engineering technology: Focus on contemporary business and technology practices, and the scientific basis for designing, installing, and operating integrated systems of people, materials, quality, information, energy, and equipment.


Students can minor in any area, not just engineering. Popular minors include business, environmental studies, and many others. Explore the options for minors.

Hometown: West of Philadelphia<br>
Major: Engineering Technology<br>
Class Year: 2021

Ayanna Gardner

Hometown: West of Philadelphia
Major: Engineering Technology
Class Year: 2021

Ayanna’s Story

Drexel Engineering Co-Op

Co-op crystalizes understanding of your chosen field. You come away knowing more about your options for a career path, your preferred work environment, and your focus within your chosen discipline. The context you gain provides you with the ability to start your career ready to make a difference.

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Curriculum and Requirements

Engineering technology students are required to successfully complete 186.5 credits for graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. The required courses degree expose students to all the engineering disciplines before branching into courses in the student’s chosen concentration.

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