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Bachelor of Science in Chemical engineering (BSc) degrees educate students to design devices and processes that convert input materials into valuable products. They work in industries that use pharmaceuticals, plastics, fine chemicals, biologically derived fuels and many others. 

Students develop a strong foundation in chemistry, physics, quantitative reasoning and the fundamental sciences that gives way to coursework covering cutting-edge computational tools for exploring the complex processes and systems. You will emerge with the vision to identify a need, perform analysis and deliver a solution and take on society’s most pressing challenges in the production of energy, food, medicine, the environment and materials.

Drexel Engineering combines immersive coursework taught by world-recognized faculty experts in the field with co-op, the capstone senior design project and research opportunities to have students emerge ready to start a career making an immediate impact.

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina<br>
Major: Chemical Engineering<br>
Class Year: 2024

Emma Stonehouse

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
Major: Chemical Engineering
Class Year: 2024

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Drexel Engineering Co-Op

Co-op crystallizes understanding of your chosen field. You come away knowing more about the options for a career path, your preferred work environment, and become more confident about the focus within your chosen discipline. The context you gain provides you with the ability to start your career ready to make a difference.

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Curriculum and Requirements

Chemical Engineering students are required to successfully complete 181.5 credits for graduation with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. The degree includes required chemical engineering courses and a combination of engineering and elective courses that empower students to pursue their interests in the field.

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Students can also add a minor within the College of Engineering or from any area offered at Drexel. Popular choices include business, chemistry and environmental science.

Career/Job Outlook

Careers in chemical engineering provides many opportunities, with job titles such as biochemical engineer, chemical process engineer, pharmaceutical chemical engineer, food engineer, petroleum engineer and process engineer. Professionals in the field earn a median salary of $105,550 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some other outcomes for Drexel graduates include: 

  • 100% of chemical engineering majors employed or in graduate school one-year after graduation
  • $79,045 average salary for Drexel chemical engineer one-year after graduation
  • 36% received job offer from a previous co-op employer

Student Experience

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