Computer Science Research

Computer Science at CCI explores the design and implementation of computer software and hardware, with a focus on theoretical and mathematical foundations of computing along with applications to real-world domains. Our Computer Science faculty actively engage in research across a variety of major areas of the discipline spanning both theory and applications.

Associated Faculty

  • David E. Breen: Computer-aided design, biomedical image informatics, geometric modeling and self-organization

  • Yuanfang Cai: Formal software design modeling and analysis, software economics, software evolution and modularity

  • Bruce Char: Symbolic mathematical computation, algorithms and systems for computer algebra, parallel and distributed computation, computer science education, use of computing for STEM education.

  • Vasilis Gkatzelis: Algorithmic mechanism design, multiagent resource allocation, approximation algorithms

  • Colin Gordon: Programming languages and formal methods, type systems and program verification for concurrent programs

  • Jeremy Johnson: Computer algebra, design and analysis of algorithms, programming languages and compilers, automated performance tuning, algorithms for DSP, parallel processing, and high-performance computing

  • Edward Kim: Computer Vision, Sparse Coding, Neuromorphic Computing, Medical Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Game Development

  • Galen Long:

  • Geoffrey Mainland: High-level programming languages and runtime support for non-general purpose computation

  • Santiago Ontañón: Game AI, computer games, artificial intelligence, machine learning, case-based reasoning

  • Emmanouil Pountourakis: Algorithmic mechanism design

  • Jeffrey Popyack: Operations research, stochastic optimization, computational methods for Markov decisions processes, artificial intelligence, computer science education

  • Dario Salvucci: Cognitive science, cognitive architectures, human-computer interaction, human factors, multitasking and interruptions, applications to driving and driver distraction

  • Ali Shokoufandeh: Theory of algorithms, graph theory, combinatorial optimization, computer vision

  • Dimitra Vista: Database systems