Philly Codefest's History

Since launching in 2013, Philly Codefest has welcomed hundreds of software and hardware hackers — made up of professionals, educators, and students alike — to Drexel University’s University City campus in Philadelphia each year.

One of Drexel CCI's signature annual events, Philly Codefest continues to grow, attracting new participants and partners. "Codefest is a great opportunity to not only showcase the talent and creativity of our exceptional and innovative CCI students, but also to bring together students and professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences who are all interested in technology and driven to make our world a better place," says College of Computing & Informatics Dean and Isaac L. Auerbach Professor Yi Deng, PhD.

Previous Drexel Hackathons

  • Philly Codefest 2023, Presented by Comcast

    Philly Codefest 2023, presented by Comcast (March 11 & 12), centered on the theme of "AI Everywhere," where participants worked to create real-world, scalable software and hardware solutions to improve and expand artificial intelligence’s (AI) positive societal impacts. In its tenth year, Philly Codefest 2023 took place in person at the Quorum at 3675 Market Street in Philadelphia.

    Read more about the 10 winning AI projects (via

    Watch our 2023 re-cap video

  • Philly Codefest 2022: A Hybrid Hackathon Presented by Comcast Cable

    Read more about 2022 winning teams and their innovative projects

    Watch recordings of our virtual workshops

    Watch our 2022 re-cap video

    Codefest 2022 (April 4 to 9, 2022), presented by Comcast Cable, was dedicated to generating real-world, scalable software and hardware solutions to improve and expand artificial intelligence’s (AI) positive societal impacts.

    More than 25 hardware and software applications were submitted for judging on April 9, with eight teams earning awards.

    Codefest 2022 focused exclusively on developing novel technology solutions to ensure AI’s safety and positive impacts on society, with challenges centering around (but not limited to) the following key areas:

    • Fintech, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
    • Cybersecurity
    • Bias and Ethical Implications of AI
    • Healthcare
    • Accessibility
    • Environmental Impact of AI

    Teams worked virtually from April 4 to 8, culminating in an in-person event on Saturday, April 9 at 3675 Market Street (including workshops, sponsor booths, and a "science fair" presentation of competing projects).

  • Philly Codefest 2019

    View a Video Recap of Philly Codefest 2019

    Philly Codefest 2019, presented by Comcast NBCUniversal, helped to generate real-world, scalable solutions to help end economic inequality in Philadelphia. According to a 2018 report by The Pew Charitable Trusts, more than a quarter of Philadelphians — about 400,000 people — live below the poverty line, with Philadelphia's poverty rate ranking among the highest of the nation's largest cities. Codefest 2019 was the first hackathon in the city of Philadelphia to address economic inequality head on, with projects and challenges centering around the following categories:

    • Financial literacy and security
    • Food insecurity
    • Environmental safety
    • Digital divide
    • Healthcare access and the opioid epidemic
    • Affordable housing and homelessness
    • Voter access
    • Employment equity

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