Graduate Programs Admissions Process

The graduate admissions process varies in length dependent on the receipt of application materials.

On Campus vs. Online Program Selection

In determining which program to apply for, understand that on campus students may take as many online courses as they wish and vice versa. While we offer this flexibility, we ask that you apply to that program in which you foresee taking the majority of your courses. Please be aware that on campus students will need to attend online classes at some time during their program. Please note that the Doctoral program is offered on campus only.

Full-time vs. Part-time Program Selection

Students can choose to work at a full-time or part-time pace. Part-time students take 1-2 classes a term, whereas full-time students take 3 or more classes a term. Master's students and professional development students have five years to complete their program.

Start Term Selection

It is important to keep in mind that students for the MS and Professional Development programs are admitted in the Fall and Spring terms only. CCI operates on a Quarter system; each term is approximately 10 weeks in length. Academic calendars can be found on the Office of the Provost's website.

Complete an Application

After deciding which program is of greatest interest, the first step involved in the admissions process is to complete an application online. Materials received before an application has been received may result in processing delays of these materials.

You may apply online here.

Acknowledgement of Application

Once your application is received and processed, the University will acknowledge your application with an email that contains access information for use with the Discover Drexel Portal. This email will typically arrive within about one or two weeks of your submission date and will include your unique university ID and pin which can be used to access the Discover Drexel Portal.

Track your Application

Through the Discover Drexel Portal you can follow the status of your application 24/7, which will update as materials are received and entered into the system.  The checklist only shows the items that have not been processed though they may have been received by Drexel. Documents sent to Drexel may take up to two weeks to be processed after having been received. Items will disappear and may re-appear so keep track of what and when you've submitted them. You will need your student ID and unique pin (case sensitive) at sign in.

Submitting Application Materials

Please check your program's Admissions Requirements regarding which materials need to be submitted:

Master's Programs

Graduate Certificate Programs

Official transcripts in sealed envelopes must be sent directly from each school you have attended, even if it was for one class.

GRE Scores should be 5 years old or less and submitted directly from ETS to Drexel. Drexel's test code for the GRE is 2194.

  • Health Informatics applicants: scores in the 50th percentile or above in all three sections are sought.
    • The CCI Admissions Review Board will review for a preliminary GRE waiver when any eligible transcript (final transcript showing degree conferred) is received. Please note that this decision is considered tentative and subject to change by the CCI Admissions Review Board. Master's level applicants with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher, on a 4.0 grade scale, in any completed degree program, Bachelor's or above, may be waived.
    • The preliminary GRE waiver review does not need to be requested. If you receive the preliminary GRE waiver, this item will be removed as a required item on the checklist available through the Discover Drexel Portal mentioned above.
  • Computer Science applicants: GRE test scores are required for all applicants and there is no waiver option available. (Effective Fall 2021 Computer Science applicants and going forward: GRE score submission is recommended for International students and domestic students below a 3.0 GPA but not required.)
  • Information Systems and Software Engineering applicants: GRE scores are not required.
  • Doctoral applicants: GRE test scores are required for all applicants.

You may email your essay/statement of purpose directly to your CCI Recruiter as a Word document or PDF file attachment after your application has been submitted. In approximately 500 words, describe what professional goals you hope to achieve, how an advanced degree facilitates that success and anything else you want the Admissions Review Board to know about you.

You may email your resume directly to your CCI Recruiter as Word document or PDF file attachment after your application has been submitted. A current business-ready resume is acceptable.

Letters of recommendation may be mailed to us in sealed envelopes on letterhead or submitted via the Electronic Letter of Recommendation (ELOR) system. Letters may be academic, professional or both. Check your desired program for letter of recommendation requirements. 

International students must meet the following additional requirements:

  1. Student has completed a degree from a US institution will have the language test waived
  2. TOEFL: scores older than 2 years will not be accepted and students must obtain a 600 on the written exam or a 90 on the Internet based exam.
  3. IELTS: scores older than 2 years will not be accepted and students must obtain a 6.5 minimum
  4. PTE: scores older than 2 years will not be accepted and students must obtain a 60 minimum

Note: I-20 Form and accompanying bank documents are required for student matriculation.

All International applicants should visit the International Students and Scholars Services website for additional information.

All documents that you submit, or are submitted on your behalf, in support of your application for admission to Drexel University become the property of the University, and will under no circumstances be released to you or any other party. Documents sent to Drexel may take up to two weeks to be processed after having been received.

Completion of Application and Materials

Once you submit a complete application and all materials are received, your file will be sent to be reviewed by The CCI Admissions Review Board. Files are reviewed on a rolling basis meaning that as soon as all of your materials are received, the review process can begin. Decisions are reached and communicated within 6 to 8 weeks. The Discover Drexel Portal will indicate when your file is complete and when a decision is rendered.

Communication of the Decision and Subsequent Steps

Once the Admissions Review Board/Doctoral Committee renders a decision you will be notified via the Discover Drexel Portal. Students are asked to read the decision carefully and follow any and all directions accordingly.

Master's and certificate accepted students must enroll (confirm and register) before the end of the first week of classes or they will be unable to attend their accepted term. Availability of classes for new students registering during the first week of a term is not guaranteed.