Jennifer Brown


Questions and Answers Applying To Drexel's Accelerated Career Entry (ACE) BSN Program
From one director of Undergraduate Admissions to another, Jennifer interviews Ashley McManus, a Drexel colleague who works with our ACE applicants during the admission process.
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What is a Transfer Instant Decision Day? And how does Drexel's process differ from other schools? Read more to find out!
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If you are a student who attended Drexel in the past and now want to return to finish your degree, check out these next steps for the readmission process that's right for you.
Questions and Answers A Helpful Guide to Dual Admission at Drexel
Learn about our Dual Admissions program to find out if this would be a good pathway for your transfer to Drexel!
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Drexel operates on a quarter schedule, so what does that mean for a transfer student?
Around Philadelphia Things to Do in Philadelphia on a Budget
A reflection on the city of Philadelphia.
Application Tips Transferring to a U.S. University to Complete Your Bachelor's Degree
Transferring to a U.S. institution as an international student can be intimidating, but Jennifer has seven great tips that will help guide you throughout it all.
Student Lifestyle Something Old, Something New
My favorite painting in the AJ Drexel Picture Gallery.