What Is a Transfer Instant Decision Day?

You may have seen these advertised at some universities, including Drexel, and thought, "So what exactly happens at these events?" In short, an instant decision day provides a time for an applicant to meet with a representative of the university and receive a decision on their application that day. This is where that "instant" comes from — your decision could potentially happen on the spot when you show up at the event. Beyond that, what happens can vary from school to school. Let's go through what you can expect at Drexel's Transfer Instant Decision Day, and I'll cover what questions you should ask before, during, and after the event.

At Drexel, the Transfer Instant Decision Day is designed to be a 20- to 30-minute appointment where you meet with one of our admissions counselors, go over your official application and required materials, and receive a decision on your application. This could be the final decision given to you on the spot so that now you can breathe easier knowing where you stand with the University. This decision may also be that Drexel needs more information from you before we can make a final decision, which may include more transcripts or additional materials. Once you receive this update, there will be time for questions and information about your next steps. Always remember that at Drexel, the instant decision is not an interview.

If you are anxious to receive your decision, love to chat through questions face to face, and have all of your application materials ready to submit, then you are a great candidate for these events!

Prior to your designated appointment time, be sure that you know what you need to submit to the university, whether you are attending the event at Drexel or elsewhere. For Drexel's appointment, you must submit an application to schedule an appointment. But no matter what school you reach out to, they want you to come prepared. It makes for a much more productive meeting for both you and the counselor. So, if you are unsure about what you may need for your instant decision appointment, please contact the admissions office.

During the appointment, the counselor may ask you questions about your academic history, why you want to transfer to Drexel, and how your day is going. It's meant to be a conversation, and we hope to get a little more information from you that we may not get out of the other materials you have submitted. We encourage you to share whatever information you are comfortable sharing, and feel free to ask any burning questions you may have about Drexel. I recommend writing down your top questions so you do not blank on them in the moment. These questions can range from "what kind of orientation does Drexel have?" to "can you tell me about co-op?".

At our Transfer Instant Decision Days, we will also consider your application for a merit-based scholarship, so we will be able to tell you if you qualify for this that day, too! Check in with your other schools to see if they would be able to go over any scholarship information with you at their instant decision events. Please note that, at Drexel's instant decision days, you will not receive your official transfer credit evaluation. This will be emailed to you within two weeks of your admission by your academic advisor at Drexel. The evaluation is specific to your major, so it is important that your academic advisor reviews all of your college credits first to determine how they will fit into the program here at Drexel.

After the appointment, you can expect to see the official decision in your Discover Drexel portal within the next few days. Be sure to ask any school where you receive an instant decision what your next steps are so you can be sure you receive your decision through an official portal or official letter. This is always important, as they will allow you to submit your enrollment deposit and confirm your enrollment with the university (if you decide to commit).

So, should you attend a Transfer Instant Decision Day? If you are anxious to receive your decision, love to chat through questions face to face, and have all of your application materials ready to submit, then you are a great candidate for these events! If speaking in person to an admissions counselor makes you feel a little uneasy, no worries on that end — it is not a required part of the application at Drexel, so you're welcome to submit your application and materials and receive a final decision a little later in your Discover Drexel Portal. Check other schools' websites hosting these events to be sure that this is also the case there (it almost always is).

Want to learn more about Drexel's Transfer Instant Decision Days? Visit our Transfer Instant Decision Days webpage to read through the requirements and to register for an appointment. Not all majors are eligible for these appointments, so be sure to read through all of the instructions.

Good luck with all of your transfer applications! If you plan to apply to Drexel, my team and I are here to help you with your admission questions at enroll@drexel.edu.