Six strategic imperatives are central to Drexel 2030 Strategic Plan implementation efforts and are infused throughout the work of initiative teams. Each imperative carries multiple goals and associated metrics. The strategic plan implementation team makes recommendations and tracks progress toward these goals to ensure imperative success. A few of these goals are outlined in the section below.

Culture of Equity


Foster & Strengthen an Inclusive & Equity Driven Culture

Establish a diverse, inclusive and antiracist learning community that provides equitable opportunities for excellence and achievement for all faculty, students, professional staff, and partners.

Goal: Increase sense of belonging by 20% points across all populations

Culture of Equity in Action

Because Advocacy Can't Wait
Thomas R. Kline School of Law Professor Wendy Greene has co-crafted C.R.O.W.N. Acts and other legal reforms to fight grooming discrimination.

Explore progress toward Drexel’s Antiracism Commitments

Towards an Antiracist University publication cover

2022 Antiracism Task Force Annual Report [PDF]

Research Impact


Expand Drexel’s Research Impact

Generate new knowledge and impactful solutions by growing basic and applied research and fostering transdisciplinary collaborations both within the University and with external partners.

Goal: Achieve $250M or higher in research expenditures by 2030

Powerful Partnerships


Harness the Power of Partnership

Integrate and align curricula, scholarship, community engagement and global partnerships in an internationally recognized problem-solving model for university/community collaborations.

Goal: Provide solutions to real-world problems

Powerful Partnerships In Action

It's What Counts
Through the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement, the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships, and an expansive array of collaborative community-building programs, Drexel continues to establish itself as a trusted anchor institution focused on providing the support, resources, and opportunities that will allow all members of our local communities to grow and thrive.

Adaptable Curricula


Set the Standard for Cutting Edge, Adaptable Curricula

Rapidly develop and deliver agile curricula to partners and individuals of diverse backgrounds and ages that are responsive to market demands and the needs of a global society.

Goal: Achieve 98.1% job placement rate one year after graduation for bachelor's students

Adaptable Curricula in Action

Anthony Weekes: Responding to An Educational Emergency
Drexel graduate Dr. Anthony Weekes describes how what he learned while enrolled in his graduate master’s program was directly applicable to his work as a medical doctor in an emergency medicine department at a large medical center.

Immersive Learning


Enhance & Expand High-Quality, Immersive Learning Experience

Enable students to enhance and apply their education while developing professional skills and an appreciation for the diversity of human experience by providing engaging, immersive learning experiences.

Goal: Achieve 96% student preparedness for life after Drexel

Immersive Learning in Action

Seniors at Drexel’s College of Nursing & Health Professions participate in Disaster Simulation, worst-case, yet realistic scenarios that nurses might come across in their career, from pandemics to natural disasters to mass-casualty situations — for the chance to practice before they treat real patients in the field.

CNHP Disaster Simulation Lab

Time & Place: Disaster Simulation Lab (Drexel Magazine)


Student Empowerment


Empower Students to be Purpose-Driven, Global Citizens

Graduate adaptable, culturally competent, empathic alumni capable of seizing opportunities for the betterment of themselves and their communities.

Goal: Increase Post-Graduation Pay Rates Compared to other US Institutions to 15% Above the National Average

Student Empowerment in Action

Because community can't wait.
Evan Ehlers, an alum from the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, built Sharing Excess, a nonprofit organization with a mission to address food insecurity in Philadelphia and around the country. Dragons are extraordinary and making a difference in this changing world.
Meet the 300+ Faculty and Professional Staff involved in the strategic plan implementation.
View a timeline of initiatives and milestones from Drexel 2030 Strategic Plan implementation.
View the inaugural annual report on implementation of the Drexel 2030 – Designing the Future Strategic Plan, outlining our progress from the past year.


Drexel 2030 Strategic Plan

Drexel 2030 – Designing the Future articulates strategies for more effectively and intentionally uniting our academic and scholarly enterprise to meet the needs of the rapidly changing work environment that our students will encounter, whether for the first time, or as lifelong learners. 

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