Why Drexel A Family of Dragons!
The story of how I found Drexel, and how my family played an integral part.
Around Philadelphia Living in a Sports-Obsessed City When You Are Not Sports-Obsessed
A reflection on living in a city with diehard sports fans.
Student Lifestyle The Hardest Aspect of Being a Drexel RA
I discuss how getting to know people you have nothing in common with can be challenging, but totally worth it.
Around Philadelphia Favorite Lunch Spots in Rittenhouse
After working in Rittenhouse for two co-ops, Kathy’s discusses her top three favorite lunch spots.
Cooperative Education Understanding Co-op
Get the inside scoop on what co-op is, how it works, and why it is important
Student Lifestyle Acclimating to Drexel
My Freshman Experience
Meet The Author Meet the Author: Young Eun Park
Young Eun Park is a freshman nursing major from Northeastern Pennsylvania. She loves to watch cooking and baking videos on YouTube, but never actually cooks.