Move-in/Move-out Process

Housing and Residence Life coordinates four move-in/move-out processes per year in accordance with the academic calendar. These processes are collectively known as "term switches." The term switch process is generally held the Saturday or Sunday following the conclusion of final examinations.

All residential students will receive a customized term switch via email to their Drexel email account about three weeks before the end of the term which outlines their current housing assignment as well as their housing assignment for the upcoming term. This email will also reiterate all deadlines associated with the upcoming term switch and move-in/move-out process. All students will fall into one of the term categories, listed below:

Term Switch

The student is moving from one assignment in the current term to another assignment in the upcoming term. It is important for students in this category to follow the timelines and instructions provided in the term switch email carefully to ensure their move is coordinated with the residence hall staff and other students who might be moving at the same time. Finally, students who are term switching must be on campus and available to move on the designated term switch day.

Housing Assignment Continuing

The student is staying in the same housing assignment between the current term and the upcoming term and no move is necessary. If there is a vacancy in your room, a roommate could be assigned and move in during term break. Students are required to ensure their room is cleaned and prepared to accept a roommate (furniture is empty and available for a new roommate prior to the end of finals week).

Moving In

The student is moving into a Drexel residence hall or a fraternity or sorority house for the upcoming term and did not previously live in campus housing. This process is generally held the Saturday/Sunday before classes start for the academic term.

Moving Out

The student has an assignment for the current term but not the upcoming term. Students moving out of their assignment must do so by the posted move out time. Exact dates and times for move-out deadlines will be found in the term switch email sent to your Drexel account. Failure to move out by the posted time may result in a late check-out fine.

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