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Drexel's residential Dragons benefit from close proximity to Philadelphia's bustling atmosphere and endless resources; however, it's the work of both our professional and student staff members that truly brings together the full campus experience.

Customize Your Residential Experience

Housing and Residence Life strives to establish innovative and creative ways to cultivate residential communities and assist the students in achieving success, both inside and outside the classroom. Our housing options vary from one residence hall to the next — so if you choose to live on campus, you can have a different living experience each year (or stick with what you like). One thing's for sure, while living in any on-campus residence hall, Drexel students engage with peers in meaningful ways and form lasting connections.

Housing at Drexel

Drexel's on-campus residential communities span every level, from first-year students to those in our graduate programs. First-year residence halls are where first-year students find their place at Drexel and begin to feel connected to both the campus and city of Philadelphia through intentional events, such as building-wide dinners and floor trips into the city. Whereas, our housing options for returning students assist students as they transition into co-op and a more demanding academic schedule, providing them with the skills necessary to not only find success at Drexel but also in the years beyond college. Transfer students have the opportunity to live on-campus in one of our residence halls or opt for a more independent living option through affiliated housing. And, finally, graduate students can also choose to live in an on-campus supportive environment that accommodates their workload and fosters their academic success. At Drexel, Housing and Residence Life ensures that each residential community meets the developmental needs of its specific population. 

Unique Options Available

At Drexel, we are proud to offer Gender-Inclusive Housing (GIH) as a way to create a more welcoming and inclusive residential living experience. GIH enhances the residential experience by allowing students who select this option to live in the same room and share internal/external bathrooms regardless of assigned sex and/or gender expression. Living Learning Communities (LLC) offers undergraduates the option to choose to live with other students who share common interests. Each LLC is assigned to a specific area in a residence hall, allowing students to organize social and academic activities with like-minded individuals. Fraternity and sorority housing offers upper-class students the option of living in a Drexel fraternity or sorority house with invitation from the organization. All of these options are ways for you to customize and mold your residential experience to what is right for you.

Support for Residents

You should feel relaxed knowing that the staff members of Housing and Residence Life make sure that Drexel exists as a home away from home for all residential students. Every residence hall has an Assistant Director/Resident Director (ADRD); Residential Desk Coordinator (RDC); and a team of student staff made up of Resident Assistants (RAs), Desk Assistants (DAs), and the Office Assistant (OA). All of these Housing and Residence Life staff members are wholly dedicated to supporting the residential experience of all on-campus students. Their vision is that as you discover what it means to be a Dragon and form a better connection to Drexel's campus, you also learn the value in living in a diverse community, engaging with your peers, and gaining a greater sense of self-awareness. 

In particular, RAs facilitate the social, academic, and personal adjustment of every student in their residence hall and work to ensure that everybody has a positive experience while living on campus. Throughout the year, RAs develop a sense of community among residents and coordinate academic and social activities designed to bring residents together. If this sounds like an opportunity you would like to take advantage of, you can apply to be an RA and help shape the Drexel experience of those around you.

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