Event Services

Drexel Event Services handles requests for a variety of meeting spaces and facilities available on Drexel University's University City Campus. We provide facility usage guidance and partner with skilled University departments and vendors to ensure the success of campus events and programming.

Event and Meeting Spaces

There are a variety of event and meeting spaces on the University City Campus for the University community, available to reserve in the Campus Reservation System.

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Submitting a Reservation Request

Department event planners must book and manage their event space reservations and logistical support needs in the Campus Reservation System.

Recognized student organizations work with the Office of Campus Engagement to submit reservation requests via DragonLink by completing an Event Form.


Service Promise

Drexel Event Services reviews every reservation request submitted to the Campus Reservation System to ensure the proper use of the requested space and ensure logistical support services were properly requested. For most spaces, the event planner will receive email communication from the Drexel Event Services team within two (2) business days to confirm the use and logistical support services are properly reserved, or if missing information is needed. Some exceptions to the two-business day confirmation include General Purpose Spaces and Academic Classrooms which operate on their own review schedules.

Cancellation Guidelines

After Drexel Event Services confirms an event reservation, the location is reserved and unavailable for other departments and organizations to reserve. If you need to cancel or postpone your reservation, you must do so no later than 10 business days prior to the event date. Late cancellation fees will be assessed for cancellations received later than 10 business days prior to the event date, or no shows.

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