Department Event Planning

Drexel department, college and school event planners must book and manage their event space reservations and logistical support needs in the Campus Reservation System.

Event locations are reserved in real-time in the Campus Reservation System, thus on a first-come, first-reserved basis. Drexel Event Services reserves the right to delay confirmation for space reservations for events more than 12 months from the request date.

Event and Meeting Space

Department event planners have a variety of options when it comes to on-campus event and meeting spaces. These spaces are generally categorized as the following:

  • Event and Meeting Space managed by Event Services
  • General Purpose Space
  • Classrooms and Academic Space
  • Greenawalt Student Development Center (student organizations only)
  • Alternative Space not managed by Event Services

View a list of event and meeting spaces, including any special instructions or timelines.