Student Organization Event Planning

Recognized Drexel student organizations must contact the Office of Campus Engagement if assistance is required to manage their event space reservation.

To begin, student organization leaders submit an event request via the Event Form located in DragonLink and a representative from the Office of Campus Engagement will contact you. Log in to DragonLink using your DrexelOne credentials.

It is best practice to complete and submit an Event Form located in DragonLink as soon as you have all details for your event. The Office of Campus Engagement will then submit the space reservation on behalf of the student organization. Event space is reserved on a first-come, first-reserved basis for most spaces.

Event and Meeting Space

Recognized student organizations have a variety of options when it comes to on-campus event and meeting spaces. These spaces are generally categorized as the following:

  • Event and Meeting Space managed by Event Services
  • General Purpose Space
  • Classrooms and Academic Space
  • Greenawalt Student Development Center (student organizations only)
  • Alternative Space not managed by Event Services

A list of these spaces, including any special instructions or timelines, can be viewed on the Event and Meeting Space page.