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Graduate Education Certificate Programs

Drexel University School of Education

At Drexel University’s School of Education, we are committed to producing education leaders and to providing timely, relevant, and rigorous graduate certificate​ programs based on the latest trends and developments in the field of education.

How to Earn a Graduate Certificate in Education

Drexel University’s School of Education offers several unique graduate certificate programs that result in an endorsement or certificate,​​ acknowledging the completion of a series of courses leading to a body of knowledge in a specific area.

Most of the graduate certificate programs are an outgrowth of our master’s degree programs,​ with all courses bearing graduate​ course​ credits. A certificate student at Drexel’s School of Education may consider, therefore, matriculation into the graduate program upon the successful completion of the certificate and all other graduate admissions requirements.

Types of Education​ Certificate Programs Offered at Drexel

Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis is a well-developed, scientifically-based discipline that investigates and describes how the environment and the individual interact, and how that interaction impacts behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis has been used effectively to teach new skills and behavioral repertoires to all populations but is perhaps best known for assessing and treating those with an autism spectrum disorder.

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Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders

It is estimated that one in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism, with an estimated 1.5 million individuals in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide affected. The need for professionals trained in this specialized area has significantly increased. The online Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders, a Drexel University credential, is designed for those who seek expertise in this critical-need area.

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Certificate in Collaborative Special Education Law and Process

The Collaborative Special Education Law and Process Certificate program prepares you to meet the unique learning needs of students with disabilities, through legally mandated school, home and community collaboration, which is the goal of educational policy in the United States.

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Certificate in Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the ability to generate novel ideas; innovation, the means to implement those ideas.  Drexel’s certificates in Creativity and Innovation teach students to become aware of their innate creativity and helps them become creative professionals through the implementation of creative thinking in the workplace.

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Certificate in Creativity Tools and Techniques for the Classroom and Workplace

The online Creativity Tools and Techniques for the Classroom and Workplace Certificate Program provides students with hands-on creativity skills, tools, and techniques they can apply to their careers.

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Certificate in Dyslexia Specialist (Wilson® Language Certification)

The online certificate in Dyslexia Specialist prepares teachers to better educate children suffering from reading disorders like dyslexia. Students completing the program will be eligible for Wilson Reading System® Level I certification.

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Certificate in Education Policy

The online Certificate in Education Policy was created from the belief that educational leaders should possess a sophisticated understanding of the principles, laws and rules that guide education systems. This includes the process by which policies are created, the impact they can have on educational institutions, and the complex factors that influence the shaping of policy.

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Higher Education Leadership

The online Higher Education Leadership certificate program provides students who are working within higher education or transitioning into higher education with the knowledge, skills, and experience to navigate dynamic changes related to diversity and globalization, equity and access, policies and practices, legal and ethical issues, technological advancements, and risk management through transformative leadership.

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Certificate in Instructional Design for e-Learning

The Instructional Design for e-Learning certificate program prepares students to apply the principles, theories, models, tools, and techniques of systematic instructional design in diverse e-Learning settings.

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Certificate in Learning Analytics

The online Graduate Certificate in Learning Analytics program prepares students to make data-driven decisions about education improvement using a broad range of data collection, analytical, and visualization methods.

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Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Learning

Learn more about how the brain works and how people learn to give you an edge as an educator and leader through this innovative, interdisciplinary program.

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Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning

The Online Teaching and Learning Certificate is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to effectively design and deliver instruction online. The program aims to meet the needs of today’s working professionals across many learning and development contexts.

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Certificate in Organization and Talent Development

Drexel’s online Organization and Talent Development certificate program brings together education, psychology, and business to equip students with the skills to design and implement successful training and development initiatives in any organizational setting.

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Certificate in Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness

The Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness certificate program prepares educators to address non-academic barriers to learning. Students will learn how to prepare positive classroom environments for students who have experienced trauma or other adverse childhood experiences.

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Certificate in Student Development and Affairs

The online Certificate in Student Development and Affairs will help you learn to develop policies and practices that allow students to stay connected to each other and the institution.

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Certificate in U.S. Education Policy

Drexel’s 9-credit online certificate in U.S. Education Policy provides students with a deep understanding of the U.S. education system, its institutions, how policy is made, and more.

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Education Certificate Program FAQ’s

What is a professional certificate in Education?

A post-bachelor’s certificate in education shows that a student has mastered certain skills in a particular subject in the field of education. The certificate represents an endorsement by the University that a student understands key concepts in a particular area of study and can apply them effectively in their career. The courses included in a certificate program are often the same courses offered in many of Drexel University School of Education's graduate degree programs and the credits earned in a certificate program may be applied to a particular master’s program.

Who is eligible to earn an Education certificate?

Every education certificate program in the School of Education, with the exception of the certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (requires a master’s degree in education or psychology), requires a bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for admission. Most certificate programs have minimum undergraduate GPA requirements and require letters of recommendation and a copy of college transcripts. Specific program eligibility requirements are posted on each of the certificate pages.

How long does a Graduate Certificate in Education take to complete?

The length of time it takes to complete a certificate in education program ranges from 1-2 years. Other variables can impact the length of time to complete a program including performance in graduate courses and the number of courses taken per term. The average length of completion time is posted on each of the certificate pages.

How many credits is a Certificate in Education?

The total number of credits to earn a Certificate in Education varies depending on the program. Certificates in Drexel University’s School of Education range from 9 to 31.5 credits.

What is the difference between a certificate and certification in Education?

There are big differences between a certificate in an area of study in education and education certification. A post-bachelor’s certificate in education is an endorsement by a University that a student has completed a certain sequence of courses in particular subject. Students include the certificate on their resume to make them more attractive to potential employers and also include certificate completion information on their biographies so that others are aware of their area of expertise.

Certification in education is granted by a state that shows a person had been cleared to teach children in a particular area of education, i.e. elementary education, secondary education, special education, etc. After a student completes their certification courses at Drexel, the Pennsylvania Department of Education is notified. Once the student has completed other mandatory requirements by the state, they are granted teacher certification, also known as a teaching license.

What is the difference between a graduate degree (Master's) and a graduate certificate in Education?

The main difference between a graduate degree and a graduate certificate in education is the focus of the coursework. A graduate certificate of education program focuses on a specific topic in education, whereas a degree program involves much more coursework on a variety of topics within the subject. It is called a master’s degree in education because the student will have developed a mastery of the subject through courses designed to cover several topics within the program. A graduate certificate in education is appealing to those who wish to broaden their knowledge of one particular subject to help them in the current or future career and can sometimes be completed faster than a typical master’s degree program.

Can I apply work experience or transfer credits to a certificate in Education?

Work experience cannot be applied to a certificate program. Students may transfer credits from another accredited institution if the credits are related to the program in which they are enrolling. Transfer credits must be approved by the program manager and meet minimum GPA standards. For more information about transfer credits, please refer to Drexel University Graduate College’s policy on transfer credits, or contact the appropriate School of Education program manager.

Will my certificate in Education be applicable in all U.S. states?

Any certificate earned at Drexel University is applicable in the US and around the world. Since a certificate is an endorsement from a University, and not a license, it should be recognized and accepted everywhere.

For more information or to apply to one of Drexel University’s teaching certificate programs, please visit the Office of Graduate Admissions.

What can I do with a certificate in Education?

With a Certificate in Education, you can apply your newly gained knowledge in an education subject area to your current occupation. You can add it to your resume or social media profile to show potential employers or customers the new knowledge and skills gained through the certificate program. In the School of Education, students can apply certain certificates towards the customizable MS in Education Improvement and Transformation program.