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Support From a Drexel Admissions Team Advisor

Drexel School of Education Admissions Process

Undergraduate Admissions Process

For most undergraduates, Drexel's undergraduate admissions process is fairly straightforward. It begins with completing an application, which includes an essay of intent, two letters of recommendation, and submission of official transcripts from previous schools. For most applicants, standardized test scores are optional, and some programs may require or encourage you to submit a portfolio.

If you apply as a regular decision candidate, you'll need to reply and accept your invitation before the associated deadline, and observe deadlines for financial aid applications. With few exceptions, the undergraduate admissions process follows those guidelines.

Graduate Admissions Process

By contrast, the admissions process for graduate programs is far less standardized. Prospective students may be required to interview, submit a resume, complete standardized testing, or obtain relevant certifications.

For those considering a PhD or doctoral degree, your program may have its own set of requirements which may differ from other graduate programs.

Enrollment periods for each program are just as varied, with some enrolling for the fall during the spring, or only offering enrollment annually. Along with a rotating schedule, it's critical to monitor application deadlines well ahead of time by reviewing Drexel’s registration schedule.

Whether you are earning an undergraduate degree or entering a graduate or doctoral program, college application resources -- like experienced counselors -- can make navigating the enrollment process much easier.

What to Expect From Your Admissions Advisors

Admissions advisors can help you learn about the requirements for your program. Your advisors can provide you with college admissions assistance for virtually every aspect of the process. As a wealth of information about the school, advisors can help guide students to determine which prospective program most closely aligns with their personal and professional goals and ensure they have the tools and information needed to apply. Advisors can also help you navigate financial aid and the various enrollment requirements of a program. In short, they can help with various aspects of the process, including:

  • Answering questions about admissions
  • Explore options for financial aid
  • Career planning in relation to your major
  • Navigating admission requirements
  • Making the best college decision

Meet Your Admissions Advisors

Applications can be a complicated process, and it's natural for questions to emerge along the way. Our admission advisors can offer college application assistance to support prospective students throughout the process, so earning your degree is as straightforward as possible. Once admitted, you can find the same support available to help you stay on track for graduation. Additionally, our college admissions assistance locations include both an online and offline presence.

How Drexel Provides Student Admissions Assistance

From learning more about scholarships and financial aid packages available for undergraduate and graduate students to confirming program deadlines and beyond, Drexel’s knowledgeable admissions advisors have helped countless students at every stage of their enrollment process. With recent challenges, such as supporting students remotely with the shift to online programs due to Covid-19, admissions advisors have been instrumental in helping to navigate the multifaceted process of enrollment and how it differs from program to program.

If you’re considering pursuing a career in higher education, contact us today to learn more.