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School of Education Strategic Plan


In the Drexel University School of Education, we prepare students of all backgrounds for success in the wide range of subjects in education. Through innovative degree, certificate, and continuing education programs, Drexel supports its students at each level of their educational journey.

Our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan sets bold goals for the next five years. From building on new programs and curriculum, to expanding research and civic engagement, the School of Education aims to become an international leader in teaching, learning and research in the years to come. I invite you to explore our Strategic Plan below and see how we plan to achieve our goals.


The School of Education's values center around three core areas: Equity – Ethics – Excellence

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Equity and Access

Are universal and essential components to thriving communities where all can fully engage in respective areas of interests for fulfill desired goals

Diversity and Inclusion

are integral to a rich culture that is welcoming, respectful, and embraces multiple perspectives, backgrounds, and belief systems.


Accountability, Ethics, and Integrity

are guideposts for decisions and actions 


Collaboration and Innovation

are intertwined and foster a culture that has shared vision, purpose, and goals for the promotion of innovative ideas.

Continuous Improvement

is the relentless pursuit of excellence and improvement through teaching, learning, service, and research. 

Our Vision

The School of Education is committed to being a global leader of innovative research, teaching, and practice to support learning with transformative impact on society.

Our Mission

The School of Education promotes a creative and innovative mindset through our research, teaching, learning and service that addresses the evolving educational and societal needs of diverse communities.

*Communities: students, partners, alumni, faculty, and staff


Continue to grow as an Intellectual Center of Pedagogical Innovation

Functions as a catalyst for transformation in teaching, learning, research, and service with an emphasis on enhancing leadership in complex environments.

  • Prepare learners for the evolving realities of tomorrow through the reconceptualization of teaching and learning.
  • Cultivate a culture of research and scholarship of teaching and learning. 

Promote The Educational Passport to the Future as a Distinguished Initiative

Creates a pathway to lifelong learning competencies and opportunities.

  • Provide knowledge, skills, and experiences to support personal and professional development for career transitions and advancements.
  • Provide a combination of credit and non-credit programs to achieve critical competencies and earn degrees, certifications, and micro-credentials.

Evolve as a Leader in Urban, Community and Global Education

Cultivate partnerships that sustain urban and global communities through shared resources.

  • Build upon and expanding the success of existing partnerships and engagements with a variety of organizations, industries, and educational institutions.
  • Foster creative and innovative strategies for effectively meeting the challenges facing global learning environments in all settings.
  • Maintain currency and innovative strategies and practices for undergraduate and graduate teacher/admin preparation. 

Further develop as a Hub for Civic Engagement Initiatives

Serves as a leader in developing and sustaining practices that promote social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • Develop, implement, and sustain leaders who participate in and take action to address inequities.
  • Engage communities to foster successful, positive and asset-based initiatives.

Expand as an Incubator for Research and Innovation

Nurtures a culture of teaching and learning that embodies creativity, innovation, leadership, research and scholarship.

  • Promote experiential learning that drives ideation and implementation.
  • Leverage experiences of the Community members to explore, pursue, and evaluate initiatives.

Cultivate new Financial Resources

Support all endeavors through increased revenue via student recruitment, fund raising, and funded research.

  • Grow net resources by offering market driven products and services.
  • Increase philanthropic contributions.
  • Increase funded projects to yield money to support the research/other endeavors and expenses.
  • Increase recruitment and admission of undergraduate and graduate students. 


Enabling Our Goals

A Strong and Sustainable Resource Base to support our achievement of the preceding strategic goals and to develop a strong foundation for the School of Education (SoE) in the coming years and into its future, we will:

Continue to grow the SoE as an Intellectual Center of Pedagogical Innovation

  • Engage SoE community members in innovative teaching and learning.
  • Offer a certificate in each academic program.
  • Provide ongoing development of student/alumni leadership in the ever-changing world.
  • Increase school wide presence at state, national, and international conferences.
  • Increase transdisciplinary research.
  • Increase publication by the SoE community.

Promote The Educational Passport to the Future as a Distinguished Initiative of the SoE

  • Provide mentorship through formal and informal means to current and new members of SoE community.
  • Increase the professional organizations in which faculty, staff, and students participate.
  • Provide professional development and continuing education experiences that align with marketplace needs.
  • Develop certificates, courses, and micro-credentials with badges.
  • Increase professional education services. 

Evolve as a Leader in Urban, Community and Global Education

  • Expand SoE partnerships with urban education organizations.
  • Engage in outreach with community stakeholders.
  • Expand SoE partnerships with international organizations.
  • Continue to develop curricula to include creativity and innovation strategies within the credit and non-credit programs.
  • Continue to develop curricula to include global education perspectives and strategies within the credit and non-credit programs.
  • Prepare effective teachers in urban, suburban, and rural settings for virtual, hybrid, or face to face schooling.
  • Prepare effective managers and leaders for learning and development in professional settings.
  • Align accreditation practices with continuous improvement.

Further develop the SoE as a Hub for Social Justice and Civic Engagement Initiatives

  • Design curriculum to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).
  • Continue to recruit and retain individuals (faculty, staff, and students) from minoritized groups and communities.
  • Encourage and support DEI focused scholarship, initiatives and practices.
  • Sustain SoE relationships with community partners.
  • Engage in true community-based participatory relationships.

Expand the SoE as an Incubator for Research and Innovation

  • Utilize faculty and students’ experience/expertise to drive practice-inspired research.
  • Promote a safe environment of mutual respect and acceptance.
  • Promote academic freedom and integrity (a value and a set of practices).
  • Utilize faculty and students’ experience/expertise to drive practice-inspired research.

Cultivate financial resources to support all endeavors in the SoE through increased revenue

  • Promote fee based non-academic offerings.
  • Promote innovative credit bearing academic offerings.
  • Increase funding for projects, research, and development.
  • Increase the number and percentage of time for faculty, staff, and students that are funded externally.
  • Increase number of research committed faculty seeking funding.
  • Enhance our infrastructure for recruitment and retention.
  • Centralize data management resources.