Discover what it means to be "ambitious."

Ambition takes on many forms. Our University community views it as the drive to make a lasting impact within our ever-changing world and to tackle society's most important — and most pressing — issues.

nurses wheeling patient into ER

Drexel University's College of Nursing and Health Professions Disaster Simulation program presents students with an emergency situation and requires them to respond in real-time. Our Dragons are practicing how they will meet the next challenge in this ever-changing world before it even happens. Because heroes can’t wait.
Engineer working at computer

Recognizing the dire need for early detection within at-risk populations, Drexel alum Mihir Shah partnered with University faculty members and co-op students to develop the iBreast Exam, a hand-held device that can administer cancer screenings outside of traditional hospital settings.

Two people passing bins of food to two others

As an undergraduate student in Drexel University’s Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, Evan Ehlers founded Sharing Excess, a now-national nonprofit dedicated to fighting food insecurity and improving the lives of at-risk community members across the country. This is a University providing students with real-world experiences that matter.
Two students sit on a couch under a 2020 banner on a "TIME" magazine cover

Hannah Beier, a Drexel photography major from the Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, led the creation of TIME Magazine's June cover story about the 2020 graduating class during COVID. Beier collaborated with her classmate via FaceTime and art directed the compelling cover shot virtually that had an emotional impact felt by people around the world. Nothing, even social distancing, can stop this generation.
Young person walking outdoors

Thomas R. Kline School of Law Professor Wendy Greene has co-crafted C.R.O.W.N. Acts and other legal reforms to fight grooming discrimination. The daughter of American civil rights activists, Wendy is a trailblazing law scholar, teacher, and advocate who has devoted her professional life’s work to advancing, racial, color, and gender equality in workplaces and beyond. Her “Free The Hair” campaign has attracted global awareness of this important conversation. Wendy’s work will forge a new path for generations to come.

Sharpen your sense of what's really important to you.

Ask yourself: What is it that you’re looking for out of college? Is it engaging in intellectual discussions, contributing to cutting-edge research, building a skillset to take into the workplace, or joining a close-knit community? You'll find all of this and more at Drexel; take a closer look and see what we're all about.

Life at Drexel is about getting involved, doing more, and fully living the college experience. This is a vibrant place full of opportunity. A place for all students to take on any challenge while having the freedom to be themselves.

The City of Brotherly Love and the home of Drexel University, Philadelphia is known for its cultural diversity, rich history, and passionate residents. At the heart of Philly is a sense of humanity and the idea that there is always room for change, innovation, and expanding the boundaries of what we can achieve.
Woman putting on glasses

Drexel is committed to ensuring that all incoming transfer students experience a transfer process that is seamless and comfortable, and that they enter a community that already feels like home. After all, a transfer student’s DNA and Drexel’s DNA are the perfect match: both know the importance of learning through experience.

Young co-op student smiling

By combining world-class academics with real-world experience, our cooperative education program empowers students to test-drive future career options and effectively work with the leaders of today as they develop into the leaders of tomorrow. View our special video featuring the 2022 Cooperative Education student award winners.

Mario the Magnificent Statue

No matter who you are or where you're from, all of us at Drexel are excited to welcome you as one of our own. Hear from some of our students about what it's like to join such a welcoming and thriving collegiate community.

Student in Great Court of Main Building

Much like Philadelphia — the city we call home — Drexel has a personality all its own. Take a quick look at life on our campus and imagine what you could achieve with one of the nation's largest and unique cities right outside your door.

Imagine the possibilities and picture all that you could achieve.

What's it really like to be a Dragon? Find out with PaperClip, a collection of stories and firsthand accounts written by our students. From tales of co-op experiences and studying abroad to community service ventures and starting their own businesses, our Dragons are eager to share their experiences. Here are just a few.

Phuong Nguyen at the Allied Genetics Conference
I have successfully built a foundation of mentorship among freshman students both through my own research project and my teaching assistantship.
Choosing to come to Drexel has been one of the best decisions of my life.
In the winter of my pre-Junior year, I committed to completing Drexel’s BS/MS program with the goal of earning my Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering and Master of Science in Civil Engineering with a concentration in structures.
After coming to Drexel in the fall of 2014 through the Liberty Scholars program, I was determined to make the University my new home.
Throughout high school I always dreamed of being a college athlete.
Coming to Drexel University was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Push beyond the norm and challenge every convention.

Drexel students and their professors are thinking big and achieving new heights. Here are just a few ways our Dragons are making a real impact in the world around them.

Product design major Troy Hudson has invented a new form of light therapy treatment for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
3d Cancer Research lab
Professor Wei Sun, PhD, and his team of students use 3D printing to better understand cancer's growth process.
Through her co-op experience, Amelia Quazi had the opportunity to grow professionally and develop a specialized skillset that will help her succeed — while making strong connections with prominent leaders in her field.
Collin Cavote serves up a big idea in small packages. While at Drexel, Collin created Biome, a miniature biowall that can purify air in a home or office.

Get an insider's perspective and idea of what's in store.

From helpful hints about co-op to a preview of life on campus and in Philadelphia, our Admissions Blog gives you a behind-the-scenes look at Drexel from those who know it best — the students, faculty, and staff who call Drexel home. Check out a few of our recent entries.

I completed my first co-op in the Customer Programs & Services department at Southern California Edison (SCE).
Womens Rowing Team.

I've had the awesome opportunity this past October to compete at Head of the Charles in the first, all black Women's Eight in Boston.

Broad Street Philadelphia
Through one of his Honors courses, Albert Hanan (College of Engineering) got to examine one of the city's most historic icons — City Hall — from perspectives most Philly residents have only seen in photos.
30th street station
Admissions Counselor Kevin Murray provides valuable insights that illustrate some of the vast differences between Drexel Co-op and a standard internship while explaining how this renowned program helps students discover the career path that’s right for them.
From the parks and green spaces to the food and notable attractions, Annie Doren (College of Nursing and Health Professions) has found that Philly is an amazing place for fun, adventure, and exploration.
Like many students, I learned a lot about myself and what was available to me at this institution I was going to call home for five years; I'd say I took full advantage of the most unique opportunities Drexel has to offer.
Studying history at Drexel has opened up many new ways of thinking about the world for me, and has changed the way I think about myself as well.
Getting involved with research was the best decision I have made during my time at Drexel.

Find expert advice to guide you through the details.

Whether it be about the application process, securing financial aid, or how our co-op program works — Drexel has a dedicated team of counselors, advisors, and staff who will help you find the information you need. Check out these videos, which may answer some initial questions you may have.

Ready to Apply.

Students applying for first-year admission are offered the choice of applying via three admission plans: Early Decision, Early Action, or Regular Decision. Learn more about each option and the steps you'll need to take to complete the application process.

Drexel Wants to Help.

When applying to the University, you'll want to make sure you take all of the necessary steps to ensure that you're considered for as much financial aid as possible. This quick breakdown explains how to maximize your eligibility for Drexel need-based grant funding, as well as federal and state grants and loans.


You know that co-op is a signature aspect of the Drexel experience, but what exactly is it and how does it affect a student's academic schedule? Check out this easy-to-understand explainer video to find out.

Embark on a journey as unique as you are.

Our Dragons love sharing how Drexel has helped them to explore their interests and discover the heights they can achieve. Hear some of our students discuss how their Drexel experience has prepared them for success.

Students walking though great court of main building

Kristen Wolenberg (College of Arts and Sciences) explains how living in the vibrant city of Philadelphia has enhanced her education and co-op experiences, preparing her for her future in a way she never imagined.
Alexis China

Watch "Exploring by Design" to see how Alexis China discovered all the opportunities available to support her academic, professional, and social pursuits at Drexel.

Watch "Built for Discovery" to hear how Tauheed Baukman is maximizing his co-op and research experiences to prepare himself for success after graduation.

Student working in urban center

Jake Herschman (Westphal College of Media Arts & Design) describes the reasons Drexel University was his first-choice school, and how in his time here he has developed a strong bond to the campus, the faculty, and the city he now calls home.

With engaging classes, our renowned co-op program, and the chance to take an active role in your collegiate experience, Drexel offers everything you need to follow your own path. Check out how our Dragons put it all together to discover who they really are and what's really important to them.

Put it all together and turn your aspirations into reality.

In laboratories, studios, boardrooms, and production hubs across the globe, Drexel Dragons continue to build upon a legacy of innovation and success. Here are just a few of our alumni who are leveraging all that they've learned to make an impact in their chosen fields.

photographer in background, photography book in foreground

Jeffrey Stockbridge's photography is as much social commentary as it is art. Watch "Every Picture Tells a Story" to see how he uses the artistic skills sharpened at Drexel to bring awareness to the opioid crisis.

Headquarters of Apple

Jim Bean's postgraduate experiences have ranged from executive at Apple to wine entrepreneur. Watch "Jim Bean – A Crazy One" to learn how a Drexel education helped shape his journey.
chris mckendry on sports center

By dismissing preconceptions and maximizing every opportunity that came her way, Chris McKendry (College of Arts and Sciences, '91) built a trailblazing career that saw her rise to become one of the most influential and respected journalists at ESPN.
If you can't visit Drexel in person, our Virtual Tour will allow you to see it all.
A visit to Drexel University is a great way to see if Drexel is the right place for you.