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CrashPlan Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions relate to the CrashPlan service offered by Drexel for university-owned computers.

What is CrashPlan?

CrashPlan is an Enterprise, cloud-based backup service which gives Drexel users the ability to back up their computer files in a secure online setting in the event of hard drive failure or other loss of data.  Your files can be restored from this backup when needed.

Can anyone use CrashPlan?

Drexel Employees (Faculty and Professional Staff) are eligible to use the Drexel licensed CrashPlan service.

Is there a cost for this service?

The cost is $76 per year per user – billable to the user's department cost center. For this charge, the service includes unlimited file backup for up to four devices.

How do(es) I/my department request the CrashPlan service?

To order the CrashPlan backup service for a university-owned computer, log on to the RemedyForce Help Request System and click on CrashPlan Licensing Request. On that form, a supervisor can provide information about the user to subscribe, and also include the Drexel Cost Center to charge the annual subscription to.

How do I install CrashPlan?

Once the user is subscribed, they can install the software from Software Center or Self Service for macOS on their Drexel-owned computer. The Drexel IT Help Desk or Local IT Support can also assist with installation if required.

Can I really use CrashPlan on multiple devices?

Yes, it can be used on up to four devices per user.

Won't the backup process slow down my computer?

You can expect the first backup of all your files to take some time. Once the initial backup is completed, however, CrashPlan runs in the background with no loss of speed to your computer's operation.

How do I know that my files are really being backed up?

Once CrashPlan has finished installing, you must log in to the service to initiate the first backup. At any time you can double-click the CrashPlan icon in your computer's System Tray to open the CrashPlan dashboard. It will show you when the next backup is scheduled to begin, how many files will be included in the backup, when the last backup completed and how many files (GB) are included in your total backup. Also, you can select History on the left navigation bar to view the full log of backups.

Why is my backup stuck at 99.9%

Occasionally, backup reports will show that your Device's Backup is at 99.9% completion instead of 100%. This means there was likely an open system file or files that the agent could not back up. Crashplan will attempt to back up that file again during each scheduled backup run. Drexel already excludes most common System Files that should not be backed up, but occasionally there may be a few files that are not excluded.

If your backup percentage remains at 99.9% after a few days, contact the Help Desk or your IT Support group. They will work with you to review client logs to identify which file(s) are preventing a 100% backup rate.

Does CrashPlan have a Web Interface? Can I do remote file restore?

Yes, CrashPlan can be accessed from any web browser at Enter your Drexel email address, it looks like, and then select Sign In. You'll be redirected to Drexel Connect. Sign in with your Drexel account and verify your sign-in with multifactor authentication.

From the web console you can select individual files or full folders from within this interface to restore, however there is a 1 GB file restore limit from the Web Console.

How do I restore files?

Open the CrashPlan application on your computer. Within the application, click on Restore. This screen will allow you to select the files you wish to restore. You can change the time period if you wish to restore a different version of a file.

NOTE: If you have just reimaged your hard drive, you will need to reinstall CrashPlan before restoring files.

What happens if I get a new computer or need to re-image my current one?

When you install CrashPlan on a second computer, you will have the option to “Adopt” your former computer. This will allow you to use the previous machine’s archive, backup file selection and backup settings. It will also deactivate the previous computer so that no further backups are created from that computer.

How to Adopt a Computer / Replace your Device

My hard drive failed. What do I do now?

If you experience a hard drive failure or loss of data, you can call the IT Helpdesk at 215.895.2020 to assist you with restoring your files. We can help you determine if your computer needs to be reimaged or if you need a new hard drive. Our tech staff can assist you with beginning the restore process. If you wish, we can provide you with instructions for restoring your files on your own.

Is there a CrashPlan App for Mobile Devices?

A mobile app (iOS/Android) is not available; the service is limited to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How do I uninstall CrashPlan?

You can uninstall the software via Programs and Features in the Control Panel, as you would any other program. Navigate to Control Panel, select Programs and Features.

If you are seeing multiple instances of CrashPlan / Code42, remove both from the Programs and Features list.

You will also need to delete the following file: C:\ProgramData\CrashPlan\.identity

Can I purchase backup services for my personally owned computer?

The Drexel CrashPlan license does not permit installation on personal computers not owned/managed by Drexel. Various other services offer backup services that you may subscribe to.

Who can I call for more info or for help?

Contact IT at 215.895.2020 or email