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Electronic Personnel Action Forms

Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs) are available through DrexelOne. EPAFs allow departments to submit online requests to update employee job records. These requests are moved through a predefined approval queue and then posted to the employee’s record.

The following job actions are available through EPAFs:

  • Adjunct Faculty Rehire
  • Ending a job
  • Extending / Rehiring Volunteers, Temporary Employees, Non-Employee Associate, Casual and Per Diem appointments
  • Faculty Reappointment (without a change in pay or promotion)
  • Job Labor Changes
  • Student Hire / Rehire
  • Terminating from the University
  • Updating a Supervisor / Timesheet Organization

New EPAF Reference Guides

EPAF Guides Prior to July 2016

Online Redistribution Reference Guides

Entering Information

What is the last day an EPAF for a monthly employee can be created and submitted?

The EPAF must be submitted by the 10th day of the month of hire.

I entered information in the comments section and saved the EPAF, but now the text is gone. Where did my comments go?

Don't worry—your comments are still there!  You will see them again once you submit your EPAF.

My EPAF was completed, but I need to change some information on it. What do I do?

Once an EPAF is completed, it can't be changed through DrexelOne.  You must complete the following steps to have information changed from the EPAF:

  1. Log in to Web*Financials
  2. Select Web*Salary
  3. Select Personnel Action Forms
  4. Enter the employee's ID
  5. Print the appropriate PAF
  6. Cross out the invalid information (such as the pay rate) and write in the correct information
  7. Obtain the appropriate signatures in section 10 of the PAF Guide [PDF] so it will be properly forwarded to Human Resources

Position Numbers

How do I find a position number for the fund/org/account from which I want to pay the employee?

  1. Log in to Web*Financials
  2. Select Web*Salary
  3. Select Fiscal Position Summary
  4. Enter the fund and organization from which you want to pay the employee
  5. Select the position number from the appropriate account code
  6. If a position number does not exist for that specific fund/org/account, please submit a Position Number Request form [PDF] to HRIS by faxing it to 215-895-1751 or emailing it to

How do I view all of the employee's previous positions?

Once you decide to create an EPAF and enter the employee’s ID number, start date, and approval category, select Go. You will then see two choices: you can either enter a position number for the employee to be hired into, or you can select one of the employee’s previous positions from the list on the page.

What do I do if there isn't a position number for the fund/org/account from which I want to pay the employee?

If you checked Web*Salary for an existing position number and did not find one for  the fund/org/account you were looking for, please submit a Position Number Request Form [PDF] form to HRIS by faxing it to 215-895-1751 or emailing it to

Warnings, Errors, and Status Alerts

What do I do if I receive a warning?

You can ignore all warnings. Your EPAF will submit successfully regardless of any warnings you may receive.

What do I do if I receive an error message?

Take a look at our chart of common error messages and suggested actions:


Error MessageProblemSuggested Action

First Name, SSN, birth date, sex code, or ethnic code incomplete.

The employee does not have the required biographical information completed in Banner.  Email HRIS the error message at, and HRIS will insert placeholder information. You will then be able to submit the EPAF.  The placeholder information will be replaced with the correct biographical information once the employee submits his or her New Employee Packet. 

ID is not defined as an employee. Establish employee record.

A Primary Job has not been defined for this employee. 
You selected a rehire approval code for the employee when the employee should be a new hire.  Delete or void the EPAF and create a new EPAF with an approval code for new hire. 
New effective date cannot be after employee's termination date.  The employee has been terminated in the system and needs to be reactivated.  Email HRIS the error message at HRIS will activate the employee and then you will be able to submit the EPAF.

What does it mean when the EPAF’s Transaction Status is “Waiting”?

The EPAF is waiting for you to submit it. Select “Submit” at the bottom of the page.