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Professional Buzz

Professional Buzz

Professional Buzz is a blog warehousing relevant information, tips and tools for students and professionals looking for career development and advice. Topics range from leadership and management skills to interpersonal communication and innovation in the workplace. The blog is written and curated by our Assistant Dean in the Graduate College – drawing on her academic and professional experience to provide insight into the latest professional trends, challenges and skills needed to thrive in today’s everchanging workplace.

Image of Valerie German - blond caucasian women in her later forties early 50s

Interview With Valerie Germain

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National Business Women's Week wording with a pink "bathroom" outline symbol

National Business Women's Week

Next week is National Business Women’s Week (October 17-21). There are so many incredible women who paved the way for my generation and the generations to come. Over the course of the next week, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to pay homage to some of these inspiring women.

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Image of student Nora Kzirian

Student Interview with Nora Kzirian

Work experience is an integral part of one’s journey, but returning to academia ten years later can present challenges. It is one of the biggest concerns for most returning students. Nora told me, “My online educational experience started rocky. I had not been a student for nearly a decade and at that point had forgotten many of the rules for academic writing.”

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Image of male and female icons, women in red showing the underrepresentation of women in the workplace

Women in the Workplace

I came across McKinsey’s annual Women in the Workplace Report for 2016. The study was conducted by and McKinsey. It looked at more than 34,000 men and women at over 130 companies. While the results are not necessarily a surprise, it tells us there is much more work to be done.

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Image of a rocky coast with a close up of four rounded stone stacked one upon another

Work life balance

How do you define your work-life balance? And by the way – where did that phrase come from?

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Image of a auditorium with people sitting in the seats

Attending Conferences

Conferences are like a week of summer camp sans the archery or rock climbing for adults. The only hitch – there is work to be done when you return, but there are three great benefits!

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Image of raised hands with the word volunteering above

Trending: Volunteer Sabbaticals

Today, there is an increasing trend to offer employees paid time off to volunteer. In a March 16, 2015 Forbes article, “These 21 Companies Will Pay You to Take Time Off” Colleen Kane highlights the options available at companies such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers, REI, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, The Cheesecake Factory, The Container Store, and Adobe Systems. While each company’s program is different, they all offer this type of paid time off to volunteer, and the employee can choose a charitable organization that aligns with their interests.

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Image of 11 fiction books on a shelf

Fiction or Nonfiction?

In July, McKinsey & Company published an article about summer reading. They listed 17 CEOs and what they were reading this summer. Of the 57 titles listed, 84% were nonfiction. Only 9 works of fiction were listed, including a Mandarin Chinese version of Mulan (that was interesting).

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BLOCK letters M A R with the words Management Through Appreciation and Recognition written below.

Management Through Appreciation and Recognition

When leaders manage those under them only through expectations and demands, discussing performance on an annual basis, workers at all levels are left feeling undervalued. This leads to dissatisfaction and resentment, which ultimately prevents the person from effectively doing his/her job. And it doesn’t stop there – resentment and negativity can breed like rabbits.

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Image of a pile of $1 bills witht he word $37 billion catty corner across it in red.

Poor Communication Has a Huge Financial Impact

Confusing emails, poor directions, incomplete responses - have you ever thought about the actual cost of poor communication?

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Image of a an old chalk board with the words: Writing Tips for Business, the word for has been corrected

5 Writing Tips For Business

Business writing, like all forms of writing, can’t be sloppy, unfocused, or lack structure. As a writer, I get numerous questions about writing techniques. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing creative nonfiction, a business proposal, or content for a website, there are numerous tips.

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Image of a LinkedIn Profile

Updating LinkedIn When You're In-Between Jobs

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, therefore if your place of employment it not up-to-date, you might lose out on a potential job or confuse people who are looking to learn more about your company or your profession.

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