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Professional Buzz

Professional Buzz

Professional Buzz is a blog warehousing relevant information, tips and tools for students and professionals looking for career development and advice. Topics range from leadership and management skills to interpersonal communication and innovation in the workplace. The blog is written and curated by Associate Dean of the Graduate College, Anne Converse Willkomm – drawing on her academic and professional experience to provide insight into the latest professional trends, challenges and skills needed to thrive in today’s everchanging workplace.

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Is Boredom Setting In

There is no doubt that every job has aspects we don’t like or we find less than exciting, but overall, you should enjoy the work you do, take pride in it, and continue to seek ways to improve and grow. Your job is a very large part of your life, it represents 50% or more of our waking hours, so what we do to earn a living, should be something we also enjoy. So, what if you have become bored? Is there anything you can do?

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The Snow Day

I am writing this blog post from the comfort of home…it’s a snow day and the University is closed. Snow days don’t happen all that often, so when they do, take advantage, and take the opportunity to reboot and relax.

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How Adaptable Are You

Change isn’t easy for anyone. It can stir up anxiety in most people, but to be closed to change, unable to adapt, will not only may be a hindrance in your job over the long run, but it also prevents you from seeing, let along take advantage of, many possible and wonderful opportunities.

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Relationship Building

I believe in the power of relationships, but I also understand one basic tenant – you can’t expect to receive if you have only taken. A friend once described it like this, “You have to make many deposits before you can make any withdrawals.” Think about it – you can’t ask a colleague to help you out of a bind if you have only been on the taking end of the relationship.

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Preparing for a Virtual Interview

While virtual interviews allow people to interview for positions across the globe, they also present challenges that face-to-face interviews do not. This doesn't mean you should shy away from this type of interview. Embrace it and be open to the possibilities by being prepared.

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Internships Are Not Only For The Young

When you hear the word internship, it’s fairly common to conjure up an image of a young coed working long hours for peanuts, so s/he can gain a little bit of experience to add to his/her resume. I want to challenge that image because internships aren’t just for career-hungry college students. In fact, internships are great for anyone who is looking to break into an industry regardless of age, to get that needed experience.

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Curating Your Contacts

Ultimately, your LinkedIn network should be that, a network of individuals who have a shared interest or industry. It is a network you can rely upon to provide information, mentorship, etc. to help you grow within your career, otherwise they take up what should be valuable space on your list of connections.

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Nonprofits at a Glance

Charitable organizations are not just opportunities to find purpose in one’s career or to provide much needed services to those in need. These nonprofit organizations and the monies they raise and spend have a significant impact on our country’s overall GDP. According to Bureau of Economic Statistics, as a means of comparison, the wholesale trade accounts for 5.9% and the retail trade 5.7% of the GDP. The Charitable Sector reports 10% of the American workforce is employed by nonprofit institutions.

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Choosing A Career With Purpose

There is no perfect job, but in today’s job marketplace, one must consider the benefits beyond salary and vacation. The constraints placed on us by older generations have fallen to the wayside, it is okay to switch jobs and careers, and seeking a job with purpose is now valued. If you are about to graduate from college, have been working in corporate America for a few years (or more than a few), consider the rewards and benefits of working for a nonprofit organization.

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Another lesson we were taught in Kindergarten that seems to disappear once we reach adulthood is admitting to our mistakes. I could go on and on about the reasons why accountability has been replaced with denials and finger pointing, but the reasons really don’t matter. The truth is, we, as adults and business people, need to be accountable for our actions – both good and bad.

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Time to Focus on Your Career

The holidays are over, January is in full swing, which means it’s time to switch your focus from cookies, pies, and libations to your career goals. For most, the question is: How do I start? Where to start?

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When You are Singing the Holiday Blues

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