AEO Manufacturing/Materials and AI Computing Convening Event

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Academic Events
May 9, 2023
3:30 — 5:30 PM

The Study at University City
20 S. 33rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19014

As part of the proposal process for a new grant from the Office of Research & Innovation, this convening event will bring together faculty and staff whose research interests align with two of Drexel’s Areas of Excellence & Opportunity (AEOs), Advanced Materials & Manufacturing and Computing, AI & Cyber Security Frontiers.

The Office of Research & Innovation will provide resources to support innovative and strategic collaborations in these two AEOs, which will enable two to three teams of faculty and students to spend a year engaged in interdisciplinary research that aligns with the AEOs. Interested faculty and staff are encouraged to attend this May 9 convening event to share their project ideas, learn about other projects and network with potential collaborators.

For more information about the grant, visit the competition webpage on the Drexel Funding Portal.

An initiative of Drexel’s 2030 Strategic Plan led by the Office of the Provost, Drexel’s Areas of Excellence and Opportunity represent high-impact areas in which the University can leverage current strengths while generating new opportunities for transdisciplinary education, scholarship and external partnership.


Registration deadline: May 4, 2023

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