Drexel Engineers Listed Among Most Cited in Recent Stanford Database

Drexel Engineers listed as stanford's most cited researchers

Drexel’s flagship College of Engineering continues to be outstanding among national roundups. In a database compiled by Stanford University, 22 tenure or tenure track faculty members, representing disciplines from across the college, appear among the top 2% of the most-cited researchers in their fields.

To create the publicly available database of top-cited researchers, a group of scientists at Stanford developed a ranking method based on standardized citation metrics that give a picture of an individual’s impact, both in the previous year and across their careers. Scientists are classified into 22 scientific fields and 174 sub-fields.

In the list of impact for 2022, Distinguished Professor and Charles T. & Ruth M. Bach Professor Yury Gogotsi, PhD is ranked as the #27 researcher world-wide in all fields, #3 world-wide and #1 in the United states for researchers whose primary discipline is listed as Nanoscience. He is ranked #9 worldwide for career impact in the field. His work in Materials Science, specifically in the discovery, characterization, research, and application of MXenes, has opened up an entirely new area of study of materials.

Distinguished Professor Michel Barsoum, PhD, an internationally recognized leader in the study of MAX phases as well as MXenes, is ranked #124 in the 2022 worldwide list of all research disciplines, #1 worldwide for researchers whose primary discipline is listed as materials, and #8 for career impact in that field.

“To have two Drexel engineers ranked as the #1 most cited researchers in their field is a remarkable achievement”, said Jin Wen, PhD , Associate Dean for Research and Innovation. “Besides that, I am also extremely proud that a fifth of our tenure or tenured-track faculty are considered the most influential scientists in the world. We are exceedingly proud of the work being done here on a daily basis.”

A variety of other researchers from every department in the College of Engineering have also been featured:

Chemical & Biological Engineering

Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

Materials Science and Engineering

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