Early Admit Programs

The College of Engineering offers two early admittance programs for international students interested in obtaining their MS degree at Drexel University.

  • 3+1+1 program for Global Education students
  • Summer Research English Language Early Accept Program

These programs are for students seeking early admission to a master’s degree program in one of the engineering disciplines offered by Drexel Engineering. Students may apply in their third year of study to receive a provisional acceptance.  A provisional letter of acceptance will state the requirements for admission.

3+1+1 Program for Global Education Students

Program Summary

Second- or third-year international students may complete their undergraduate degree at their home institution and then obtain a master’s degree in an engineering field at Drexel University through the 3+1+1 program. The first three years in higher education will be spent in the student's home country/institution working towards an undergraduate degree that will be awarded from the home institution. In the fourth and fifth years of study students come to Drexel University to complete the bachelor’s degree requirements (using classes transferred from Drexel) and then begin and complete a Drexel master’s degree.  Students will choose one of the master’s programs listed on the web site.

Students working towards a bachelor’s degree in the following areas are eligible to apply:

  • STEM - Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering - Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Chemical and Biological Engineering and Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

Applicants will be accepted or granted a provisional acceptance to the master’s degree program of their choice. A provisional letter of acceptance will state the requirements of acceptance, usually including the achievement of an overall grade of 3.0 GPA in their 4th year of study, earning a B or higher in graduate courses, maintaining a 3.0 CGPA, and providing proof of graduation from their home institution. If an English language program is recommended this will be stated as a provision. (See provisional acceptance program section for more details).

View program details including costs, timeline and application process.