Awards and Fellowships

Graduate students in the College of Engineering are eligible for various awards and special opportunities, some are merit-based while others are awarded by degree program and specialization.  At the time of acceptance all students are evaluated for eligibility for these awards.

Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant positions are limited and typically offered to doctoral students at the time of acceptance. Students will be notified by their department of any opportunities.

Current students may also be eligible for donor and other awards and fellowships. These awards vary from year to year and are decided on by their department and the College awards committee.

Master of Science Degree Awards

The College Of Engineering, Dean’s Scholarship

The College of Engineering Dean’s Scholarship is a merit-based award for domestic or international students entering a full-time master’s degree program. The award is made at the time of acceptance by the Office of Graduate Admissions. The fellowship is renewable pending the student's academic performance.

The College Of Engineering, Diversity And Inclusion Award

Admitted and enrolled students in a full-time master’s degree program from an underrepresented group may receive an additional $5000 at the time they are accepted, in addition to any other awards that the student has received. This will be awarded over the time they are enrolled as a student in the academic program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for continued support.

The Kling-Lindquist Partnership Engineering Fellowship

The Kling-Lindquist award provides financial assistance to hard-working full or part time graduate students who demonstrate academic excellence. Candidates must be enrolled in a program from either the Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department or the Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Department of the College of Engineering. Special preference is given to students studying architectural engineering or that plan to go into the architectural field. Students that apply and are accepted into these programs are automatically considered for this award which will be granted at the time of acceptance.

Leroy L. Resser Fund

Scholarship award for a graduate student in College of Engineering.  All students will be reviewed at the time of acceptance into one of the full-time master’s programs.  This is a one-time scholarship awarded at the start of the student’s first year.

Weggel Family Fellowship

This is a tuition scholarship award for a new student in the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering or Electrical and Computer Engineering departments, U.S. citizen preferred.  Students that apply and are accepted into the Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity, Electrical Engineering, Environmental, Robotics and Autonomy, Machine Learning, and Telecommunications Engineering programs will be automatically considered for this award.

Doctoral Awards

In addition to any funding or stipend awards offers made by the academic program’s department, new doctoral students may be nominated for addition awards.

The George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship

The George Hill, Jr. Endowed Fellowship fund is used to provide a stipend and/or tuition assistance to a new doctoral student who will be partially supported by a research or teaching assistantship in the College of Engineering. Recipients have demonstrated excellence in their undergraduate and graduate careers and the potential to achieve academic excellence at the PhD level. New students are notified of awards at the time of their acceptance into the program and at the request of their advisor or department.

Seiberlich Endowed PhD Fellowship

This is designated for the benefit of a graduate student enrolled in a PhD program at the College of Engineering and will be used to provide financial support in the form of a fellowship. Selection of the award recipients shall be based on academic excellence. Recipients shall be notified of the award at the time of acceptance into the programs. Awards range from $1,000 - $3,000 per student.

Special Funding Opportunities

Undergraduate Class Of 2020 Scholarship

Drexel University is offering special scholarships for graduate study to undergraduate students starting with the class of 2020. For more information, please visit the University Financing page.

Those interested in learning more can contact Sherry Levin at

Bridge To The Doctorate (BTD) Fellowship Program

The Bridge to the Doctorate (BTD) Fellowship Program funded by the National Science Foundation is committed to engaging students from underrepresented populations (African American, Native American and Latino) in graduate study within science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields of study. For more information on this program please visit the Bridge to the Doctorate webpage.

Peace Corps, Paul D. Coverdell Fellowship

This program is for returning Peace Corps Volunteers that qualify for the Coverdell Fellows program. As part of the program students that are accepted and enrolled in any of the College of Engineering’s fulltime MS programs will receive a discount of 30% off tuition and fees if they remain in good academic standing. Coverdell Fellows will need to satisfy at least 150 internship hours. Hours above this amount will vary depending on the student’s internship and plan of study. Advisors will work with Coverdell Fellows to incorporate the internship requirement into the Fellow’s plan of study. For more information about this program please see the Coverdell Fellows program.

Prospective Fellows can contact Sherry Levin, Senior Director for Graduate Affairs and Recruitment in the College of Engineering, via email at to let her know they are interested in applying.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Drexel University’s College of Engineering is committed to supporting the Fulbright Foreign Student Program. Fulbright grantees in this program that are accepted and enrolled in any of the College of Engineering’s fulltime MS programs will receive a discount of 30% off tuition and fees if they remain in good academic standing. Get more information about the Fulbright program.

Prospective grantees can contact Sherry Levin, Senior Director for Graduate Affairs and Recruitment, via email at to let her know they are interested in applying.

Drexel University Online Programs Corporate Partnership Discounts

Drexel University Online creates educational partnerships with corporations and organizations designed to allow working professionals to earn a Drexel degree online at reduced tuition rates with deferred billing options. Drexel Engineering offers several programs through these partnerships for their employees. Find out if your employer or professional association is part of our partner network. For more information visit the online partnership page.

Additional discounts and awards available for military and alumni for more information.