Tuition and Fees

MS degree programs at the College of Engineering are between 45-48 credits. Full-time students typically complete their degrees in five full-time quarters. Drexel University runs on a quarter system aligning loosely with the seasons of the year; there are four terms per calendar year, unlike most universities with two semesters per year. Most fulltime MS students start in the Fall and attend classes in the Winter, Spring, Fall and complete in the Winter term that concludes in March.

General guidelines for calculating tuition: 

  • Tuition is based on number of credits ​
  • 45 credits to complete MS programs​ equating to 15 courses
  • Fulltime students typically enroll in three courses per quarter​
  • Students are charged a student fee for each quarter they are registered​

Visit Drexel Central for more detailed information.

Cost of Attendance

There will be additional costs of attendance in any college or university program. You should factor in costs of a computer that meets program requirements, books, health insurance, rent, meals and entertainment. Students should consider their entire cost of attendance as their budget for each academic year.

Scholarships and Awards

More than 90% of all master’s students receive the College of Engineering, Dean’s Award for domestic and international students in a full-time master’s degree program. The merit-based award is determined using GPA and GRE scores and will be offered at the time of acceptance by the Office of Graduate Admissions. Once accepted, students will also be reviewed for college specific scholarship and fellowship awards. All awards will be visible in your Discover Drexel web portal under the financial aid tab.

Additional awards are available for current students in the program during the academic year and may be scholarship awards or cash made available to the student. To see more about our special funding opportunities, visit the awards and fellowships page.

International Students

F-1 and J-1 students are allowed to work on-campus while attending classes up to 20 hours a week. This work does not need to be related to your program of study, but you must maintain your student visa status while engaged in this type of work.

To learn more about work as an international student visit the On-Campus Employment page.