MS in Materials Science and Engineering

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A materials science and engineering master's of science degree is a postgraduate degree that enables you to enhance your academic qualifications and skills to advance your career in an in-demand engineering specialization.

The graduate program in materials science and engineering provides a thorough grounding in the fundamental behavior of ceramics, composites, electronic materials, metals, and polymers. Emphasis is also given to the application of concepts and basic principles in the selection, design, processing, and use of engineering materials.

Special topics courses are offered to complement the programs of graduate research. Research is primarily in the areas of nanostructured materials, biomaterials, composite materials, functional materials, materials processing, materials synthesis, electronic materials, and structural materials.

MS Degree Requirements

Core courses
6 credits
Non-core courses
12 credits
Tech electives courses
18 credits (minimum 9 credits of Materials courses, or research for a Materials faculty or affiliated faculty)
Thesis and alternatives
 9 credits of MS thesis or 6 credits of thesis proposal (literature review) + 3 credit course or 9 credits of courses

Students within the non-thesis option can participate in the graduate co-op program, in which they work in a full-time industrial position for six months over the Summer (1st year) and Fall (2nd year) quarters. More information on the MS co-op program can be found here

Of the 18 technical elective credits, nine may be taken within the College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, or at other colleges, if consistent with the student's Plan of Study and given advance written approval by his/her Advisor. At least nine of these 18 elective credits must be exclusive of independent study courses or research credits. Students may transfer no more than 15 credits (equivalent to 10 semester-credits) from approved institutions, provided they follow the rules and regulations described in the Drexel University Graduate Curricula.

There is no general exam required for MS students. If an MS student wants to continue for a PhD then:

  • s/he must be admitted to the PhD program (there is no guarantee that an MS student will be admitted to the PhD program)
  • s/he must take the Candidacy Exam during the first term in which s/he is admitted to the PhD program.

All MS students should familiarize themselves with the Materials MS degree requirements.

Please explore our Web site for more information about our department and our program. If you are interested in visiting the department to meet one-on-one with faculty, students, and staff and to take a tour of our labs, please contact the Drexel Materials Assistant Director of Student Services.