MS Systems Engineering


The MS Systems Engineering prepares students to be effective systems engineers, leaders, managers, and future executives, who are capable of expanding their roles and responsibilities outside of their areas of specialty. Unlike traditional engineering which focuses on very specific technical components, systems engineers focus on the entirety of a system to ensure it is run efficiently and effectively.


Systems engineering provides students with processes and tools used to guide the engineering of large scale systems. Drexel’s curriculum covers the entire systems life cycle, including conceptual definition, engineering design, manufacturing and production, and supportability in operations and utilization. Upon completion of Drexel’s MS Systems Engineering, students will have the ability to apply these skills in any systems engineering function across a range of industries.

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Fellowship Opportunity for Systems Engineering in Infrastructure

Drexel University has received an award from the U.S. Department of Education for select students to learn, experience, and disseminate your findings in this exciting area. The benefits include

  • Full tuition
  • Annual stipend of up to $34,000
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Mentoring by faculty and staff

The need for rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure is critical. Today’s infrastructure projects require systems thinking methodologies to understand the dynamic interactions between project components and to combat inherent risk.

Contact Dr. Michael Do at for more information.

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