Drexel Engineering Renews and Expands Academic Equivalency with INCOSE

INCOSE logo Drexel

The College of Engineering is pleased to announce that its Academic Equivalency agreement with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) has been renewed and expanded to include addition courses as equivalent to the certification knowledge exam, satisfying one of the requirements toward Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) and Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP) certification.

Students who do well in university courses which have been assessed to have Academic Equivalence (AcEq) are allowed to bypass the certification knowledge exam when applying for ASEP and CSEP Certification. The assessments they complete through their coursework have been recognized by the INCOSE Certification Program’s volunteer reviewers as an equivalent alternative to the standardized test developed by INCOSE. Academic Equivalency coursework may be offered in any language.

Richard Grandrino, program director for systems engineering in the College of Engineering, shared, “Being part of INCOSE’s Academic Equivalency Scheme has enhanced our offering to students giving them the chance to secure an ASEP or CSEP qualification. Students earning a Master of Science degree in systems engineering and/or a graduate certificate in systems engineering, also earn SEP certification through INCOSE. This is an added benefit for our students, as it helps them standout in the competitive marketplace.”

Courtney Wright, INCOSE Certification Program Manager, said, “I am delighted to see Drexel University renewing their agreement with INCOSE and expanding the course list it covers. Universities adopting Academic Equivalency show commitment to offering their students from diverse engineering programs a systems engineering education aligned with the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. This will benefit the global systems engineering community by establishing a baseline of common knowledge that can be translated and applied in a variety of domains and communities.”

Members of INCOSE’s Academic Council are eligible to offer Academic Equivalency upon recognition by the INCOSE Certification Program. Candidates who apply through AcEq must still meet all other INCOSE certification requirements, including individual membership and payment of application fees.