Freshman Design Sequence Process and Exceptions


All CCI undergraduate programs include a freshman design sequence (CI101, CI102, CI103) in the first year. CI101 is an overview to the breadth of the CCI disciplines and CI102/103 is a two-term team project.

Course Offerings

  • CI101 – Fall and Spring (trailer first offered 202035)
  • CI102 – Fall and Winter
  • CI103 – Winter and Spring

Sequence Timing


Fall Term

Winter Term

Spring Term

Fall Freshmen




Fall Transfer or change of major

CI101 & CI102



Winter change of major



CI101 (trailer) & CI103

Spring change of major

CI102 (year 2)

CI103 (year 2)


Online students will have a single annual sequence fall, winter, spring.


  • First Term Freshman are enrolled via block scheduling.
  • First-Term Transfer students are enrolled by their advisors
  • Students are mass registered by OUR in CI103 based on CI102 sections in the prior term to maintain groups. OUR provides a list of students they are unable to register (hold, course conflict) to Academic Operations who works the list with Advising to resolve the issues. Approval to change groups after they are formed is rare and requires permission from the instructors and faculty freshman design coordinator.


  • Students who complete a freshman design sequence in another Drexel college or at a prior institution can have that counted for CI101-103.
  • Students who complete the first course in a freshman design sequence in another Drexel college or at a prior institution can have that counted for CI101. They would complete CI102 and CI103 at CCI.
  • Students who change majors to CCI at such a point that the freshmen design sequence cannot be completed before they have junior or senior standing, will have up to 6 credits of CCI electives replace CI101-103.
  • Effective Fall 2021, CI101-103 will also have online offerings.
  • Standard exceptions listed above do not need individual approval from the appropriate Associate Department Head. The exception will be made by Advising and updated in DegreeWorks.
  • Any exception not specifically listed will required the approval of the Associate Department Head who will provide a written response to Advising for inclusion in the student file and appropriate updates to DegreeWorks by Advising.