Learning and Innovation An Endless World of Opportunity
College of Arts and Sciences student Sky Harper discusses the many opportunities Drexel has given him, the network of support he has been able to establish, and his passion for raising awareness for the Indigenous community on campus.
Learning and Innovation Classroom Collides With Real-world Experiences
College of Nursing and Health Professions student Ann Bui details a valuable classroom experience that combined academics with experiential learning.
Student Lifestyle Why You Should Study Abroad (and What Engineers Should Know)
College of Engineering student Elizabeth Le ’24 explains how easy and rewarding it can be to add a study abroad opportunity to your Drexel experience.
On the Issues An Admissions Application Committed to Access
The new Coalition Application, powered by SCOIR has effectively created a streamlined approach for applying to colleges, and Undergraduate Admissions at Drexel is excited to read many new applications.