The Drexel Family Portal

Hello families of Drexel! I wanted to take the time to share with you an important resource that Drexel offers to families of current students. The Drexel Family Portal is a fairly new resource that I have found to be an extremely informative and useful tool. I say this not only as the Director of Undergraduate Admissions but also as the mother of two current Drexel students.

You will not only find information about Drexel, but you can find information on what is going on in higher education and tips on how to make your student's college transition smooth.

What is the Drexel Family Portal?

It is a closed network provided by Drexel for family members of current undergraduate students through graduation. Drexel has a lot to offer and there are many activities going on all around campus — it's hard to keep track of everything. Drexel's family portal will alert you to what is happening on campus. It is our goal that families stay connected and involved with our university community. The Drexel Family Portal is one way for you to stay up to date with University news, events announcements, and more. You can choose to receive a Portal Newsletter on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition, you can also set your profile to receive an email if there are new announcements to the portal and you have control over how often you receive updates via email.

What things will you find on the Drexel Family Portal?

You will not only find information about Drexel but you can find information on what is going on in higher education and tips on how to make your student's college transition smooth. There are various communities that you can "join" (meaning that you will receive information pertaining to said community), such as health and wellness or campus life; by choosing what's important to you, the portal becomes customized for you. I suggest joining the community for which year your student is; for example, I am a member of the Senior Families Community so that I receive all information that will be useful to families who have a student graduating this upcoming year. I am also a member of the Second-Year Families Community as I also have a son starting his second year at Drexel. There is a calendar that will alert you to upcoming dates that may be relevant to your student. I have been guilty of taking a screen shot of certain dates and forwarding them to my students!

Not only will you find all things Drexel-related but you will find articles related to Philadelphia. There is a Resources section that will offer information to family members of a Drexel student, campus maps, and links to important websites, that include our Office of Financial Aid and the Drexel Family Association — another great way for you to stay connected to the University.

Can I find information specific to my Drexel student?

Yes, provided your student completes the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) form, which will allow you to view your student's information, you will have access to view your student's billing information, financial aid, grades, and class schedules.

My advice for Drexel families...stay connected to Drexel University and let us help you via the Drexel Family Portal. Sign up today!