Health Professions at Drexel University

While living through this global pandemic, it has become more evident than ever before that those working in the health professions are truly some of the bravest on the frontlines fighting COVID-19. Each day, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, counselors, and other health care workers are challenged with taking care of others. At Drexel University in the College of Nursing and Health Professions (CNHP) — students, faculty, and professional staff are deeply invested in not only the rigor of world class academics to prepare those to enter this field, but also how these skills will translate in order to have a profound impact in the community.

Drexel's health professions majors include Behavioral Health Counseling, Health Sciences, Health Services Administration, and Nutrition and Foods. The minors available in the college include Addictions Counseling, Culinary Arts, Exercise Science, Food Science, Food Studies, Health Services Administration, Nutrition, and Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Regardless of plan of study, our students are eager to embrace the hands-on philosophy that comes to life in exciting ways through the CNHP's fierce commitment to experiential learning.

Health professions majors graduate from Drexel and go on to change the world.

Through research, the cooperative education program, and direct access to the city of Philadelphia — a major medical ecosystem — Drexel students are welcomed with very exciting opportunities to learn and explore. The experiences they have at Drexel and in Philadelphia will prepare them for the future of their industry in this ever-changing health care landscape. Alumnus Judy Liberatoscioli '19 can attest to the power of the experiential opportunities afforded to her during her time in CNHP's Behavioral Health Counseling program.

Some of the highest-level and most innovative research across various disciplines goes on at Drexel University. In 2018, Drexel was recognized as a R1 Research institution. This academic distinction has allowed Drexel students to get exposure to a diverse range of research initiatives such as virtual reality in health care, dance and movement therapy, and heart healthy cooking. These are all research projects currently taking place within the College of Nursing and Health Professions, alongside a cross-college collaboration with other Drexel researchers aimed at enhancing efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on public transportation. As early as year one, students can get involved in undergraduate research, which could continue throughout their entire Drexel career and perhaps beyond.

Health professions majors graduate from Drexel and go on to change the world. Take for example Drexel employee and alumna of the Department of Nutrition Sciences, Kellsey Frank '16 who wouldn't let the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic stop her from doing the important work of professor and nutritional counselor. Whether they find positions in a major hospital such as The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia or a small private practice, Drexel dragons are committed to service, creativity, and innovation.