Drexel's LeBow College of Business

The LeBow College of Business at Drexel University is a close-knit community of focused Dragons eager to understand the multifaceted dynamics of the future of business through the lens of their major. Each student in LeBow is in the process of developing their own global and innovative mindset as they navigate their individualized plans of studies. Whether these students are majoring in Marketing, Business Analytics, International Business, or E-Sport Business, within their academic space, they are not only learning about what is currently happening in that industry but they are also thinking about what the future holds in that space. They are answering the big questions about what the future of their industry may look like one year, five years, or ten years from now.

LeBow graduates are prepared to take on the challenges that the future of their industry will bring.

There are resources in place within LeBow to support students as they navigate exploring the professional space. The Deborah A. and Dominic J. Caruso '80 Undergraduate Career Services Office works to empower undergraduate business students to explore career interests, develop lifelong career management skills, and leverage experience-based education to evolve into world-class business leaders. The advisors here guide students throughout their job search process. There are opportunities to learn how to effectively network, how to put together a résumé, how to prepare for interviews, and many other ways to support students as they begin to think about their careers in business.

When I recently asked a LeBow graduate what her favorite class was, she said it was the business consulting courses. This is a project-based learning opportunity where students collaborate with their fellow classmates and professors to develop real-life business solutions for real organizations within industry. These students meet with various businesses around Philadelphia and apply what it is they are learning in their consulting class to try and solve the issues that arise within the different businesses across the city.

Experiential learning is truly what the Drexel experience is all about. There are so many diverse opportunities for Drexel students to get firsthand industry experience. These crucial skills that students develop during their undergraduate years at Drexel will carry them very far as they begin to navigate the workforce.

LeBow graduates are prepared to take on the challenges that the future of their industry will bring. They have solved problems and seen it up close, so they are ready to not only begin to effectively contribute but also to make a difference.