About Michael Keaton

The first time I remember being excited to be on a college campus was back in the 90s. My best friend and I took the train from the suburbs into Philadelphia to see a Fugazi concert held on the campus of Drexel University.

Stepping off of the train and walking the short distance to campus, I was immediately struck by the spirit and vitality of the people and the surroundings. There was something exhilarating about being around all of the intellectual and creative energy and ideas that can only be found in such abundance in a collegiate atmosphere. To top it all off, Fugazi played an amazing show.

Since taking the train into Philly that night, I've spent the majority of my life on college campuses, either as a student or an employee. After college and grad school, I spent 14 years working as a college admissions officer at three different institutions. I spent the last five years touring college campuses all over the country, working as an independent school college counselor...until last month when I came back to where it all began for me, Drexel University. I am now the newest member of Drexel's undergraduate admissions team.

We love the chance to connect with you and tell you about what a tremendously transformative place Drexel University is.

It's an electrifying time to be at Drexel; while it has always been a place that values and fosters education, innovation and collaboration, the Drexel of today is a very different place than it was the first time I stepped foot on campus. The student population has gone from being regional to attracting students from all over the United States and around the world. There are new programs and fields of study, partnerships with the surrounding community and a commitment from John Fry, Drexel’s president, to making Drexel the most civically engaged university in the United States.

As an admissions professional, not only do I get to work in an office with incredibly bright, dedicated, talented and fun admissions officers, I also get to interact with our faculty, who are dedicated teachers and trailblazers in their fields. Of course, I also have the pleasure of witnessing the experiences and development of our students as they take classes, go on co-op, develop mentorships with faculty and get involved with one or more of the clubs, organizations, sports, or activities that are offered here.

In the fall, my colleagues and I will be traveling nationally and internationally to visit high schools, attend college fairs and meet with parents, students and counselors to share the news about all of the exciting things going on at Drexel. We would love the chance to connect with you and tell you a little bit more about what a tremendously transformative place Drexel University is. We would also love for you to visit campus and discover Drexel for yourself; stop by to say hello when you do; I'm going to be here for a very long time.