From Small Town to Big City

Moving to a city a huge leap. Moving to the fifth largest city in the country is daunting. Moving on your own is downright terrifying. A little over three years ago, I made the exciting and scary choice to move away from my hometown and many of my family and friends and to come to Philadelphia. I have never once regretted moving from a small town of a little over 6000 people to a city of over 1 million. Part of the reason for this is the work that I do.

I started becoming interested in the admissions process during my own college search. I remember how attentive, professional, and helpful my alma mater's admissions staff was and how this greatly impacted not only my choice in school, but my choice to join their office once I became a student. Since then, I have become invested in helping students as a tour guide, a mentor, and now as professional staff at a new institution just as someone took the time to help me years ago.

I know that you will also find where you feel at home, and while I hope that it is here with us in Philadelphia as part of the Drexel family, you will find what's best for you. As a member of the Drexel team, I personally am the territory manager for Maryland, DC, and West Virginia, and I hope that I have the pleasure of meeting you while I am on the road. If you aren’t from these areas, I look forward to helping you too! You can always find your territory manager at

When I'm not on the road or in the office, you can find me baking in my kitchen, wandering one of the many amazing museums that Philadelphia has to offer, trying out new places to eat, and shamelessly pretending to be Beyoncé in my living room.

I am grateful that my job has led me to Philadelphia, and I hope I can help you make the leap to joining us in this amazing city some time soon.