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CLASS currently offers the following general studies elective.

GSTD 100 Strategies for Academic Success

Credits: 1.0

This course explores the learning process to assist students in achieving academic success. Self-assessments, personal reflection, and relevant electronic resources are used to foster students' development as self-directed learners. Topics include: study skills, learning strategies, personal development, academic planning and tracking, visioning, and goal setting. The goal of this course is to help improve students' efficacy in the areas of academic self-management, self-direction, and resource utilization.

Through participation in GSTD 100, students will:

  • Articulate learning goals and develop strategies to accomplish them.
  • Develop effective and efficient study behaviors and skills.
  • Identify and utilize academic support resources and other support services.
  • Manage their time, tasks, and interests to accomplish balance among their academic, professional, and personal priorities.


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