Fraternity and Sorority Housing Policies


Furniture is provided in each Drexel-managed property; bedrooms include a twin bed, dresser/wardrobe, desk, and desk chair. Furniture must remain in the student rooms. In many cases, organizations have supplemented the Drexel-provided furniture for the house.

Air Conditioning Units

Housing and Residence Life will provide air conditioning (A/C) units in all student bedrooms during the cooling season (Drexel managed properties only)

  • A/C units are installed between April 1 and May 15 annually
  • A/C units are removed between November 15 and December 1 annually
  • Students who require an A/C unit year-round should contact the Office of Disability Services at 215-895-1401 or email

A/C units are not provided for common areas. Organization-provided A/C units may be installed during the dates referenced above at no charge.


Rosters of students who complete a Fraternity/Sorority housing application and agreement are sent to each organization via email on a weekly basis. 

Room Changes

Housing and Residence Life allows the organization to assign and alter room assignments to members, who have successfully completed a housing application, before the beginning of the term session so long as they inform Housing and Residence Life of the change prior to the start of the term session. Once the term has begun, students requesting a room change will need to speak to their House Manager and the Resident Director to approve the room change. If the room change is approved, the student will need to report to the Front Desk of Van Rensselaer Hall to complete their room change paperwork and exchange their keys. Students may not swap keys among themselves.


Each resident is issued a room key for their assigned bedroom.

Submaster Key

The House Manager is assigned a submaster key for their property. This key should be used in their role as a House Manager only and not for personal reasons. The organization will determine protocol and usage of the submaster key. Only one submaster per house leadership will be allowed.


Specific guidelines for moving in and moving out must be followed. Not following the Key Pick-up/Move-In instructions will result in you not receiving your key and not being able to move-in until you can reschedule with your House Director at their availability. If you move in items before your room is inspected, you will be responsible for any damages that may have existed in the room prior to you moving in.

  • Contact your House Director to schedule your move-in appointment.
  • Meet your House Director at the front door of your property at your scheduled move-in appointment.
  • Before moving in any belongings, you and the House Director should inspect your room together and note any existing damages on the Room Condition Report (RCR).
  • Once the RCR is complete, sign and date it to document the Room Condition at the time you moved-in.
  • Then, receive your keys and sign the key card to document you received your keys.
    Move in your belongings

PLEASE NOTE: Residents need to register their network jack at the beginning of each quarter by following the procedure set forth here.

Move-Out Instructions

Not following these instructions will result in a $50 improper check out fee. Lost keys can range from $65 to $300.

  • Contact all family, friends and creditors and supply them with your new address. Mail sent to Drexel will be returned to sender and not forwarded off-campus. USPS forwarding orders do not work.
  • By Friday of the last week of classes, schedule a move-out appointment time with the House Director or plan to use the Express Check-Out feature. Express Check-Out forms will be available from the House Director. When complete, slide this form — along with your key — under your House Director's door.
  • Update your mailing address in or your Drexel mail will not reach you, including, but not limited to, important housing announcements and any Drexel bills.
  • Pack up all of your belongings. Before your move-out appointment, remove all of your belongings from your room and clean your area as well as any shared space within your room/suite.
  • Your room must be clean before you check-out even if your roommate(s) still live(s) there. This includes wiping down all surfaces, sweeping and/or vacuuming the floor. Place all trash in dumpsters in the trash pen. You may incur damage charges if this is not completed. Here is a list of damage charges.
  • During checkout you will meet your House Director in your room at your scheduled time. Inspect your room with the House Director and note any changes on the Room Condition Report (RCR) then sign and date the RCR. After the room is inspected, return your room key as well as sign your key card and Room Condition Report (RCR). Be sure to sign your check out card and return your room key.

Occupancy Requirements

Each managed fraternity and sorority house has an occupancy requirement set forth by the License Agreement between the University and the national/regional chapter organization.

Occupancy requirement notes

  • Occupancy period runs from summer term to spring term.
  • At the end of the spring term, an invoice is sent to the organization if they fail to meet their yearly occupancy requirement.
  • All Individual housing contracts are by Housing and Residence Life via the students housing application via DrexelOne.
  • Each term, Housing and Residence Life sends out a Housing Occupancy report which shows YTD activity.
  • The organization receives credit for a student's partial term occupancy.
  • Each house has a maximum number of students allowed per term.
  • Houses are allowed to carry over from term to term, so long as the maximum house occupancy is not breached.
  • Organizations are responsible for approving requests to cancel Individual housing agreements [See the House Leadership guide for more information.]


The Alpha Beta Zeta house at 203 N. 34th Street has the following occupancy requirements:

Summer 9
Fall 13
Winter 13
Spring 13
Total 48
 Max per term: 15

In this example, Alpha Beta Zeta has to have 48 residents by the end of the spring term. If they only have 46, they will receive an invoice for two empty spots.

Alpha Beta Zeta could have 12 in the fall (one short) but then have 14 in the winter to make up for the fall term shortage. However, they can't go above 15 in any given term.

For questions regarding occupancy requirements, please contact Housing and Residence Life at


Whenever your organization incurs a charge (cable bill, vandalism, fine, etc.), the house leadership automatically receives a copy of the charge via email. The organization may choose to pay this charge at that time, or wait until the end of the term when a full statement of account is sent to the house leadership. Payments are due the first business day of the following new term. Any organization that carries a balance past June 30 will be required to set up a payment plan with Housing and Residence Life.

Payments may be made in the Housing and Residence Life office on the first floor of Towers Hall. An electronic receipt is sent to the house leadership upon submission. A paper receipt may be requested when the payment is submitted.

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