House Management

House Leadership is defined as the Chapter President, House Manager, and Chapter Advisor. See additional information on these positions below.

Chapter Presidents

Each organization has a Chapter President, who serves various roles and may vary by organization.

Housing and Residence Life does NOT have a requirement which states that the Chapter President must live in the Chapter House. Individual organizations may have such a requirement.

The Chapter President is the official voice of the organization to the University as it relates to roster and "Requests for Releases."

House Managers

Each organization has one person who serves as a House Manager. The duties of the House Manager will vary by chapter, but the primary purpose is the same:

  • Maintain communication with the House Director through (at minimum) bi-weekly one-on-ones
  • Communicate housing concerns to the House Director
  • Directly responsible for supervision of any common areas (work orders, etc.)
  • Act as primary contact to the House Director

Chapter Advisors

Advisors are an integral part of the house leadership team. Each organization is required to have (at least) one chapter advisor who is responsible for maintaining contact with undergraduates who live in the Chapter house. Note that the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life and/or individual chapters might have additional Advisor requirements.

All advisors receive electronic copies of charges and payments. Additionally, advisors receive electronic copies of new housing applications and requests for release by house members.

New House Managers

Congratulations on your new position! In addition to any tasks specific to the organization, the new house manager should:

  1. Email to update Housing and Residence Life's records
  2. Contact your house director for an initial meeting
  3. Obtain house manager keys from your house director

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