Housing and Residence Life is aware that there are any number of reasons that a student would need to cancel their housing application.

All students wishing to cancel housing MUST submit a Request for Release. If you have withdrawn from Drexel, obtained an out-of-the-area co-op position, or are going to study abroad, you must complete this form within five business days of the aforementioned event.

Please follow these steps to request your cancellation.

  1. Log in to DrexelOne
  2. Select "Campus + Community"
  3. Select "Housing and Dining"
  4. Once in the Housing Portal, select "Housing and Dining Forms"
  5. Complete a "Request for Release from Housing Form"

Students will receive an email confirmation to their Drexel email accounts once the cancellation has been processed.

All cancellations fall into one of two categories: acceptable and unacceptable. Prior to cancelling housing, students should review the appropriate cancellation charge policy to understand the financial impact of cancelling housing. Each category has a different set of policies regarding charges/cancellations fees.

Students residing in Fraternity and Sorority Housing are subject to the cancellation policies and fee schedules as outlined in the Housing Agreement and must follow the cancellation process above.

Acceptable Cancellation Reasons

  • Withdrew Admission
  • Academic Withdrawal
  • Leave of Absence
  • Co-op outside a 10-mile radius (view a PDF of zip codes) of the University City Campus AND opts to live outside of a 10-mile radius of the University City Campus
  • Leasing with American Campus Communities before the start of the term (a request for release must be received before the start of the term)
  • Graduation
  • Study Abroad
  • Approved University Exemption (financial, medical, religious exemption)

The housing deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE for all acceptable reasons, except in the cases of co-op and studying abroad.

Acceptable Cancellation Fees and Deadlines

Unacceptable Cancellation Reasons

Students seeking to cancel their Housing Agreement for any other reason than those listed above will be subject to cancellation fees. A student's contractual obligation for another living arrangement will not be honored as a valid reason for release from this Agreement. The University strictly enforces its cancellations policies.

All students cancelling housing for an unacceptable reason will forfeit the housing deposit, regardless of cancellation date.

If a cancellation is approved for the current term, residents are required to check out within 48 hours. If approved for future quarters, residents are required to check out at the end of their remaining assignment. Residents failing to adhere to move out when scheduled may be assessed fines.

Unacceptable Cancellation Fees and Deadlines

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