Living Learning Communities

Students live with other students from the same academic program, making it easy to form study groups or project teams. 

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are available to students who are enrolled in the colleges, schools, and programs listed below. Each community is assigned to a specific area in a residence hall and organize their own social and academic activities, from informal gatherings to lecture series.

Interested students may complete an application for their LLC in their housing application by Monday, May 23. LLC applications are reviewed by the respective advisor. The respective college/school will communicate with you regarding your acceptance status to their program no later than May 24. Please note, the deadline to withdraw from an LLC after acceptance is May 27.

Please note that with the exception of the Honors Community, Liberty Scholars, and ROTC, only first-year students can apply to live in an LLC.

Residential Living at Drexel
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Biomedical Engineering Living Learning Community

The location for the 2022–23 Biomedical Engineering Living Learning Community is Millennium Hall. For more information about this program, please contact Undergraduate Student Advisor Elise Bryers at


Civic Engagement Living Learning Community

Civic Engagement is defined as "working to make a difference in community life through collective, public problem solving." The Civic Engagement Living Learning Community (CE-LLC) is a home for students who are passionate about creating a more just world and who would like to further their understanding of social issues, engage in community service and relationship-building, and reflect on their experiences and motivations together with other civically-minded students. Each term, members of the CE-LLC will have the opportunity to attend campus events related to social issues and justice, participate in service activities, and engage with a peer mentor and the professional staff of Drexel's Lindy Center for Civic Engagement -- students should expect to spend about 10 hours each term on CE-LLC programming in order to build relationships and collective capacity to make change. Participation in the CE-LLC will position students to continue a path of civic engagement and leadership at Drexel by introducing them to academic programs, engagement tools, and peer mentorship opportunities. 

The CE-LLC is coordinated by the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement and activities are facilitated by Lindy Center professional staff, community-engaged faculty and students, campus and community partners, and CE-LLC mentors. Questions about the CE-LLC can be directed to Cara Scharf, assistant director of Community-Based Learning in the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement at


College of Computing & Informatics Living Learning Community

The location for the 2023–24 College of Computing & Informatics (CCI) Living Learning Community is Millennium Hall. Please direct questions to CCI LLC Coordinator Will Ahern at

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College of Nursing & Health Professions Living Learning Community

Through a close partnership with the College of Nursing and Health Professions, the Living Learning Community focuses on helping students like you succeed personally and academically. During specialized activities, you will gain connections to faculty, advisors, and alumni from the College outside of the classroom. You can participate in specially designed events that enhance your understanding of current trends and topics related to nursing and health professions. Furthermore, living in a small community with other students taking the same classes as you will make it easier to form study groups and focus on succeeding academically. Overall, the Living Learning Community provides students with the opportunity for academic support, career exploration, and integrated social experiences. The College of Nursing and Health Professions Living Learning Community will be located in Millennium Hall. Questions about the program should be directed to Undergraduate Nursing Manager Shannon Edwards at and Academic Advisor for Health Professions Hannah Anderson

Engineering Living Learning Community

The College of Engineering Living Learning Communities (ELC) provides a unique living and learning opportunity for first-year engineering students by offering a collaborative environment where students come together with peers and upper-level students to learn, socialize, and support one another. As members of the ELC, all students live in Millennium Hall, take a first-year seminar course (UNIV E101) together, and have the opportunity to connect with upper-level peer mentors. Please direct all questions about the program to ELC Program Directors Micalena Sallavanti and Tom Hindman at


First-Year Exploratory Studies Living Learning Community

The First-Year Exploratory Studies (FYES) Living Learning Community, located in Millennium Hall, is available to all incoming FYES students. Along with the academic benefits of having study groups organized right at your front door, its also a great way to form long-lasting friendships. Once you have confirmed your enrollment at Drexel University, you can elect to join the FYES Learning Community in your housing application. We will accept all applications until all spaces are filled. Questions about the program can be directed to Interim Managing Director and Faculty Marna Mozeff at

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Honors Living Learning Community

The Honors Living-Learning Community will be housed in Bentley Hall and provides quality programming to students within the Pennoni Honors College including Honors Program, STAR Scholars, and Custom-Designed program students. While first-year students outside of the Pennoni Honors College are welcome to apply for the Honors Living-Learning Community, priority will be given to students who are PHC affiliated.

Students in this community will receive access to specialized programming and social events and will benefit from living with other engaged and academically focused students from all different majors and colleges. Students with questions about this learning community should contact Julia Wisniewski, associate director, Honors Program at

liberty llc

Liberty Scholars Living Learning Community

Students enrolled in the Liberty Scholars program should select "Liberty Scholars LLC" on their housing application. Students will then have an opportunity to participate in roommate matching and room self selection with other students in the program. The Liberty Scholars Living Learning Community is located in the Millennium Hall. For more information about this program, visit the Liberty Scholars pageor contact Bernetta McCall-Millonde, director, Diversity Initiatives and Community Relations, at

lebow llc

Bennett S. LeBow College of Business Living Learning Community

The LeBow College of Business Living Learning Community (BLC), housed in Millennium Hall, is designed to ease transition to university life, enhance student academic performance, provide opportunities for student engagement and networking, and improve the overall student experience. Ambitious and high-achieving students with leadership acumen and an interest in mixing social activities with professional opportunities will find a built-in community of learners, as well as a current and future professional network. Students in the BLC not only live together, they also take many first-year classes together. This learning community is open to all students studying business and/or economics. For more information about this program, please contact Caitlin Brady at

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