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Rajashi Ghosh - Drexel University Program Director for PhD in Education
Associate Professor
Department Chair, Policy, Organization, and Leadership

Rajashi Ghosh, PhD


PhD, University of Louisville
MBA, K.J. Somaiya Institute of Studies and Research, Mumbai, India

Program Affiliation

MS, Human Resource Development
EdD, Educational Leadership & Management
PhD, Education

Select Peer-Reviewed Articles:

  • Ghosh, R., Hutchins, H. M., Rose, K. J., & Manongsong, A. M. (in press). Exploring the lived experiences of mutuality in diverse formal faculty mentoring partnerships through the lens of mentoring schemas. Human Resource Development Quarterly.
  • Chaudhuri, S., Ghosh, R., & Abichandani, Y. (in press). Exploring the risky terrain of entrepreneurship with support from developmental relationships: Narratives from Indian women entrepreneurs. Advances in Developing Human Resources.
  • Ghosh, R., Callahan, J., & Hammrich, P. (2019). Supporting teachers who witness student bullying: (Re)shaping perceptions through peer coaching in action learning. International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching in Education. 9(1), 87-102.  
  • Ghosh, R., Shuck, B., Cumberland, D., & Mello, J. (2019). Building Psychological Capital and Employee Engagement: Is Formal Mentoring a Useful Strategic Human Resource Development Intervention? Performance Improvement Quarterly.
  • Ghosh, R., & Jacobson, s. (2016). Contending claims to causality: A critical review of mediation studies in HRD research. European Journal of Training and Development, 40(8/9), 595-615.
  • Ghosh, R.(2016). Mixed Methods Research: What are the Key Issues to Consider?. International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET), 7(2) 32-41.
  • Ghosh, R. (2016). Gender and Diversity in India: Contested Territories for HRD?. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 18I(1), 3-10.
  • Terry, T., & Ghosh, R. (2015). Mentoring from Different Social Spheres: How Can Multiple Mentors Help in Doctoral Student Success in Ed. D Programs?. Mentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning, 23(3), 187-212.
  • Ghosh, R. (2014). Antecedents of Mentoring: A Meta-analysis of Individual, Relational, and Structural factors. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 84(3), 367-384.
  • Katz-Buonincontro, J., & Ghosh, R. (2014). Using workplace experiences for learning about affect and creative problem solving: Piloting a four-stage model for management education. The International Journal of Management Education, 12(2), 127-141.
  • Maltbia, T. E., Marsick, V. J., & Ghosh, R. (2014). Executive and Organizational Coaching A Review of Insights Drawn From Literature to Inform HRD Practice. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 16(2), 161-183.
  • Ghosh, R., Haynes, R. K., & Kram, K. E. (2013). Developmental Networks at Work: Holding Environment for Leader Development. Career Development International, 18(3), 232-256.
  • Ghosh, R., & Reio, T. Jr (2013). Career Benefits associated with Mentoring for Mentors: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 83(1), 106-116.
  • Ghosh, R., Reio, T. Jr., & Bang, H. (2013). Supervisor and Coworker Incivility and Turnover Intent: Testing the mediating effect of Socialization-related Learning. Human Resource Development International, 16(2), 169-185
  • Ghosh, R. (2013).Mentoring functions providing Challenge and Support: Integrating Concepts from Teacher Mentoring in Education and Organizational Mentoring in Business. Human Resource Development Review, 12 (2), 144-176.
  • Ghosh, R., Reio, T. Jr., & Haynes, R. K. (2012). Mentoring and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Estimating the Mediating effects of Organization Based Self-Esteem and Affective Commitment. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 23(1), 41-63.
  • Chaudhuri, S., & Ghosh, R. (2012). Reverse Mentoring: A social exchange tool to keep the Boomers engaged and Millennials committed. Human Resource Development Review, 11(1), 55- 76. (Equal authorship)
  • Haynes, R. K., & Ghosh, R. (2012). Towards Mentoring the Indian Organizational Woman : Propositions, Considerations, and First Steps. Journal of World Business, 47(2), 186- 193. (Equal authorship)

Book Chapters:

  • Ghosh, R., & Manongsong, A. (in press). Designing and studying Mentoring Programs: A Review and Discussion. In W. Murphy, J. Tosti-Kharas (Eds.), Handbook of Research Methods in Careers. Edward Elgar.
  • Ghosh, R. (2018). Role Models in the Workplace: Who Are They and What Can They Do? In S. Vidyasagar and P. Hatti (Eds.), The Dynamics of Role Modeling in the Workplace. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Ghosh, R., & Narendran, R. (2017). Current State of Women Leaders in India: Challenges and Opportunities. In Current Perspectives on Asian Women in Leadership (pp. 37-54). Palgrave Macmillan. 
  • Ghosh, R., & Barman, A. (2014). Emerging Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for HRD in India. In R. Poell, T. Rocco, & G. Roth (Eds). Companion to HRD. Routledge Publishing.
  • Ghosh, R., Rude-Parkins, C., & Kerrick, S. (2012). Collaborative problem solving in virtual environments: Effect of social interaction, social presence, and sociability on critical thinking. In Jason Huett (Ed.), The Next Generation of Distance Education: Unconstrained Learning. Springer Publishing.
  • Haynes, R. K., & Ghosh, R. (2011). Dialogue Circle: An Exercise in Embracing Racial/Ethnic Diversity and Supporting Inclusion. In S. Dhiman, & J. Biberman (Eds.), Managing in the 21st Century Transforming toward Mutual Growth. Palgrave MacMillan.
  • Ghosh, R. (2010). Lateral movements between HR and other departments as a career development practice: Implications for strategic HR. A Case Study on Career Development. In S. Schmidt, & K. King (Eds.) Case Studies and Activities in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. Information Age Publishing.
  • Haynes, R. K., & Ghosh, R. (2010). Getting started with a six sigma initiative. A Case Study on Organization Development. In S. Schmidt, & K. King (Eds.) Case Studies and Activities in Adult Education and Human Resource Development.Information Age Publishing.
  • Githens, R., & Ghosh, R. (2010). Getting started with a proactive diversity initiative. A Case Study on Diversity. In S. Schmidt, & K. King (Eds.) Case Studies and Activities in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. Information Age Publishing.
  • Mentoring and Leader Development
  • Workplace Incivility
  • Workplace Learning and Development

Full CV [PDF]

  • Drexel University, School of Education Associate Professor, Adult Education and Organization Development (2015-present)
  • Drexel University, School of Education Assistant Professor, Human Resource Development (2009-2015)
  • University of Louisville, College of Education and Human Development Graduate Research Assistant (2006-09)
  • Hindustan Polyamides & Fibers Ltd (Bombay Oil Industries), Mumbai, India Assistant Manager, Human Resources
Awards and Honors
  • Received the 2015-2016 Provost Award for Outstanding Early-Career Scholarly Achievement, Drexel University.
  • Received the Early Career Scholar Award at the 2016 Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) conference.
  • Received 2015 Outstanding Reviewer of the Year Award of Human Resource Development Review journal.
  • Nominated and accepted for the Drexel Leaders 2020 program (fourth cohort).
  • Received 2015 Literati Award for Excellence for Highly Commended Paper in European Journal of Training and Development.
  • Received Elwood F. Holton III Research Excellence Award at 2014 Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD) conference for best article of the year in Human Resource Development Review (HRDR).
  • Nominated for 2012-2013 Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, Drexel University.
  • Received Elwood F. Holton III Research Excellence Award at 2013 Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD).
  • Received 2012 Dean’s Faculty Award for Scholarship (Tenure-track), School of Education, Drexel University.
  • Received 2012 Outstanding Reviewer of the Year Award of Human Resource Development Review journal.
  • Received 2011 Cutting Edge Research Award at Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD).  
  • Received 2010 Best Paper Award in the Management Education and Development Division of Academy of Management (AOM).
  • Received 2010 Dissertation of the Year Award at Workplace Learning SIG of American Educational Research Association (AERA).
  • Received 2009 Dean’s Citation Award from University of Louisville.
  • Received 2006-2007 Schulman Memorial Scholarship for academic excellence, University of Louisville.

Dr. Rajashi Ghosh is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Development (HRD), Department Chair of Policy, Organization, and Leadership (POL) department and co-lead of the Office of Lifewide & Lifelong Learning (O3L) in the School of Education (SoE) at Drexel University. Her research aims to explore different factors (e.g., mentoring, coaching, leadership development, workplace incivility) that can facilitate or hinder workplace learning and development. Her work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals including all AHRD journals and other high-impact outlets publishing work related to HRD such as Journal of Vocational Behavior, Career Development International, and European Journal of Training and Development. Rajashi has been recognized by several prestigious awards including the 2016 Early Career Scholar Award at the AHRD, the 2015-16 Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholar Achievement from the Office of Provost at Drexel University, and the 2018-19 Provost Fellowship at Drexel University. 

Rajashi is the Associate Editor of the peer-reviewed section of Human Resource Development International (HRDI), one of the flagship peer-reviewed journals in the field of HRD and also an editorial board member of the premier journal, Human Resource Development Review (HRDR). Her office is located in Room 3111 in the Dean suite at 3401 Market Street. She can be reached at 215-571-3664 and at