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Eric Brewe Associate Professor Drexel University
Associate Professor

Eric Brewe, PhD


PhD, Arizona State University
MS, Arizona State University
BA, DePauw University

Program Affiliation

Physics Education

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  • Physics Education Research
  • Introductory course reform
  • Network analysis in learning
  • Neuromechanisms of learning
  • Drexel University Associate Prof. Physics & Science Education 01/17-present
  • Florida International Univ. Assc. Director STEM Transformation Research Institute 01/14-12/17
  • Florida International Univ. Associate Prof. Science Education 08/13-12/17
  • Florida International Univ. Assistant Prof. Science Education 08/07-08/13
  • Hawaii Pacific University Assistant Prof. Physics 08/02-08/07
Eric Brewe, PhD, is an associate professor in physics and science education at Drexel University. His research into the teaching and learning of physics at the university level includes developing curriculum for the Modeling Instruction course, leading inquiries into the role of Modeling Instruction in promoting student learning, participation, retention and persistence, and enhanced attitudes toward science and equity. This research has led to describing the role of participation in learning using primarily quantitative measures including the use of Network Analyses, and recently Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging. In addition to research on post-secondary physics, Brewe has been involved in preparing future physics teachers through Modeling Workshops, and as co-editor of the PhysTEC sponsored book, "Recruiting and Educating Future Physics Teachers: Case Studies and Effective Practices". He helped to found the American Physical Society’s Topical Group on Physics Education Research (GPER) and served as the founding chair. Brewe currently serves as chair of the American Physical Society Education Policy Committee and is a member of the Editorial Board of Physical Review - Physics Education Research.