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PathA Program Meet Lucie Bennett-Stein
PathA Program Class of 2025

Lucie Bennett-Stein, Drexel PathA Program Class of 2025


Hometown: Burlington, Vt.
Undergraduate: University of Vermont
Graduate: Drexel University

Can you tell me a little about yourself before coming to Drexel?

I have been interested in science and medicine since high school and got to work in a microscopy lab looking at research tissue. I really enjoyed the beauty of tissue and the hands-on work. I went to college for medical laboratory science and worked in clinical hematology and microbiology labs.

Why did you decide to apply to Drexel’s PathA program?

When looking at other programs, I was drawn to Drexel because of the class size. I didn’t want a very large program or one too small. All of our classes are specifically for us, and we don’t have large lectures with medical students.

Drexel also offers leadership courses, and this was a strong draw for me as I want to work in a teaching hospital and be involved with continuing education and public outreach for the PathA profession. We also take a photography course for documenting specimens, and I was excited to have coursework that was outside of the box and creative.

What was your experience in the program like?

The first semester is a heavy schedule, and I was out of school for seven years before this program, so it was a learning curve to find study habits that worked for me and get back into the academic mindset. We all had each other to lean on for support within our cohort and the professors are focused on learning techniques and really want to support us and see us succeed.

The first two semesters cover a lot of the basics, and this time spent in classes has helped my confidence with anatomy and descriptive words as well as getting a foundation for pathologies, which is helping me feel more confident as we start learning how to dictate and gross. This year is definitely flying by, and I’m able to look back and really see how much I've learned, and better yet, retained.

What did you like most about the program?

Each incoming student is also assigned a second-year student as their mentor and both classes gets together a couple times a year. There is a lot of community-building and comradery. The small class size lends itself to strong relationships being formed. The emphasis that Drexel has on community-building and networking shows it cares about students’ personal and professional development throughout their careers.

What was your relationship like with the PathA faculty?

The PathA faculty is incredibly willing to support and help us as a class. The curriculum is very centered toward PathAs and focuses on what we need to know for our profession. The faculty is always available by email and hosts office hours. Each one is incredibly receptive to feedback and is flexible, having our best interests in mind.

How was your relationship with your classmates?

My relationship with my classmates is wonderful. We are bonded through this experience, and I was so excited to have a cohort again. Those who live near the building get together outside of classes quite often and we even have virtual events and play games to include everyone else in the class. We all came into the program with different backgrounds and strengths, which allows us to help each other through understanding the curriculum.

What are you doing for work now?

I have a work-study job through the Legacy Center Archives, where I am cataloguing medical school specimens and digitizing histologic microscope slides.

Would you recommend the PathA program to others who are interested in this field?

I am very happy that I chose Drexel. I enjoy the emphasis on networking and cultivation of interpersonal relationships with students and faculty that this program provides. I truly think it is a great program and it has given me a foundation for my career and support for a smooth transition from classroom to grossing bench.

Do you have any advice for future PathA students?

I feel like most people who find this career path and see themselves in pathology are supportive of each other and excited and passionate about what they do. My advice as you look for a program and start your PathA career is to reach out to people in the field, ask questions and seize opportunities as they come, because they all benefit you in professional and personal development.