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Pathologists' Assistant (PathA) Our Students & Alumni

Lucie Bennett-Stein - Class of 2025

I am very happy that I chose Drexel. I enjoy the emphasis on networking and cultivation of interpersonal relationships with students and faculty that this program provides. I truly think it is a great program and it has given me a foundation for my career and support for a smooth transition from classroom to grossing bench. Read more.

Lucie Bennett-Stein, Drexel PathA Program Class of 2025

Mischief at the Mütter: A PathA/ICO GSA Event

When I learned about the opportunity to become involved in the Graduate Student Association my first year at Drexel, I was so excited! I was even more excited to learn that there was a possible opportunity for the PathA class to utilize some of the GSA funds to host an event. I began to brainstorm ideas about what sort of event may interest our little cohort and, eventually, I decided that the Mütter Museum would be the perfect venue. Read more.

Brittany Schleeter

Diane Eggers - Class of 2008

"The Pathologists’ Assistant program at Drexel University was the first program I started researching. I liked the location in Philadelphia, as I have both family and friends in that area, and the program staff were very friendly and helpful while I gathered information about the program and through the application process. When I got my acceptance letter, enrolling was a no-brainer." Read more.

Diane Eggers, Drexel PathA Program, Class of 2008

Madison Manz - Class of 2023

"My two years in the program passed by very quickly and in coming to the end of my time at Drexel I can easily say I am very pleased this was the program I chose. Even though the academic year was challenging I felt like it provided me with all the necessary tools going into my clinical year. One thing I really value about Drexel’s program is the ability to have close connections with the teachers." Read more.

Madison Manz, Drexel PathA Class of 2023

Kaysi Lyall - Class of 2017

"I had amazing relationships with my classmates: we would study together, eat lunch together, go to weekly trivia together and support each other. Drexel does not foster a competitive environment and instead supports a collaborative environment amongst the students." Read more.

Kaysi Lyall: Drexel Pathologists' Assistant PathA Program Class of 2017

Rachel Olk - Class of 2023

"Drexel’s Pathologists’ Assistant program stood out to me from the beginning of my search. The curriculum focuses on making connections between what is learned in the classroom and practical applications during rotations. Students are taught how to apply their knowledge rather than simply memorizing." Read more.

Rachel Olk, Drexel Pathologists’ Assistant Class of 2023

Britni Stowell - Class of 2020

"The combined didactic and clinical work in this program will give you the skills and confidence for success as a PA. It will also give you a really large network of people to reach out to for the continued growth of your PA career." Read more.

Britni Stowell: Drexel Pathologists' Assistant (PathA) Program Alum

Steven Vanko - Class of 2020

"In my opinion, the practical year offered by Drexel and the affiliates is unmatched by other programs. The ability to learn from so many different people, who each have different styles and skills, is a gift." Read more.

Steven Vanko, MS in Pathologists' Assistant Alum

Ian Sue-Chue-Lam - Class of 2018

Overall, my experience was very positive. I felt like I learned more about the whole process of grossing and histology than I would have at other schools. I had the opportunity to gross, embed, cut, stain and histologically examine specimens all before I reached my practical year. Drexel's curriculum is truly comprehensive. Read more.

Ian Sue-Chue-Lam, Drexel University College of Medicine, MS in Pathologists' Assistant, Class of 2018

Emily Loter, MS, PA (ASCP) - Class of 2015

My experience in the Pathologists' Assistant program at Drexel University was outstanding! The curriculum is demanding, but you are set up for success from the very beginning. The classes are small, the professors are terrific and always available, and the program is well designed and well executed. There are so many resources and opportunities available through Drexel. My favorite was being a student delegate to the Annual AAPA meeting! The clinical year gave me the confidence of knowing that I was a competent pathologists' assistant, and ready to enter the workforce. I even had a job lined up before graduation!

Emily K. Wagner, MS, PA(ASCP) - Class of 2012

I graduated from the Pathologists' Assistant program at Drexel University College of Medicine in the spring of 2012. In my time working as a pathologists' assistant I have come to understand how invaluable the education and experience I received at Drexel has been. The small class size and individual instruction, as well as the multiple rotation sites, were paramount in preparing me for my position as the only PA working for six pathologists. Having multiple rotations allowed me to see and have hands-on experience with a much wider range of specimens than I would have if I'd only been able to rotate at one or two institutions or if I had to rotate simultaneously with other students. It also exposed me to multiple dictation styles, computer systems and lab environments, which gave me the ability to adapt quickly to any type of pathology practice.

There is no better feeling than walking into a new job and knowing that you are fully prepared to succeed; I give full credit to the excellent education and wide range of exposure I received in the Pathologists' Assistant program at Drexel for my continuous success in the field.

Graduate students in the Pathologists' Assistant (PathA) program at Drexel University College of Medicine.